Gaurav Mittal .

How to identify a fake online Guru..
-you can't find a lot of reference from his past
-Wears a suit and talks about making millions
-Showcasing that he knows the latest trends and if you enrol with him, you will arrive sooner than later
-Hasn't executed what he preaches in past
-You can see his ads on all the platforms and you feel like punching him
-Can be seen with big cars or in palatial bungalows
-Is promising to make you rich within 6 weeks by following his 8 steps method

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Varun Surana

fake is something like when you pay and don't get anything, remember - there is a market for everyone and everyone is not your market

Rajan Verma

they usually sell you the video and ebooks for thousands of dollars with the stuff you already know. What do we call this???

Varun Surana

that he / she don't know what you know and what you don't. Video and content is not new. Earlier it used to come in DVDs now with LMS. Ebooks are much affordable and handy to use... In world for every book and course nothing is 100% fresh. 2+2 will be always 4. It's up to people what they want to buy. No one pulls money from any one's pocket

Gaurav Mittal

true. The conmanship lies on overselling and creating a marketing of this being the ultimate guide, ultimate course for success.

The other issue is lack of humility.

The third one is, anyone can claim to be an expert. And if he has money, he can get those eyeballs

Zain Siddiqui

Not agree. They are wolves that come in the guise of sheep.

Agni Chatterjee

They feed on innocent rabbits online, Tai's first course 67 steps was really nice. Since then he has produced legit junk and has been selling to his list.

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