Shraddha Goyani .

How to improve your website content?

All traffic - paid, earned or organic goes to your site. Be sure you do this:

1. Test your hero section with the 5 second rule - Randomly ask someone to scroll past and tell your differentiator

2. Add a call to action after every important section. And different ones - Request a rate card, book a demo, download a swipe file etc.

3. Add a readable structure. I see large paragraphs that don't allow readers to skim. Avoid.

Write good briefs for content writers like us. Giving a competition reference is not enough

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Amit Savargaonkar

Oh this is pretty helpful. I will use this as a checklist.

Moreover this can be used to pitch clients who want to revamp their web presence. We can show them the "missing things"

Thanks... loving it Shraddha Goyani

Shraddha Goyani

Thanks Amit. Glad you found it useful.

I think a lot of ready templates have these things missing. A bit of customization helps get better conversions 

Amit Savargaonkar

Shraddha Goyani Absolutely. Can you make such a checklist (detailed one) ?? Add your own branding too in the same. I would love to use the same. Moreover, I would love to share a fraction of my revenue also wherever I use your checklist template.

... and I am dead serious 🙂

Shraddha Goyani

Amit Savargaonkar Ah that's so nice of you. I will surely make one. Will tag you when I publish 🙂 .. You don't have to pay. Buddies help buddies.

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