Bharat Garachh .

So, I am back with an amazing case study

How to increase Instagram follower

This information not available on the internet so this is exclusive for you

Decide what kind of Instagram account you want to start:

1. Brandable

2. General (Meme, general knowledge, English grammar, fake celebrity, etc.)

Now, let us talk about for “ General” So if you are planning to start a new one then search a similar kind of niche, check engagement, followers and make a similar name for a short time until you get 10,000 followers after that change the name whatever you want to keep.

How to get content for your page

It’s easy. You can get content from Reddit, Quora, blog, etc. In Instagram, there is no policy for duplicate content or design

Use hashtag much as possible also include your future brandable and current page name (Search in Google hashtag generator)

The page name is important (don’t use so much _, - or any special character)

You can join the Instagram group ( not easy to find but possible )

S4S – story for a story – You can ask to your similar account and similar followers

You can ask to a similar account which has 1,00,000+ for story post

ALWAYS use content in your story educational + informatical + emotional

Try 5-6 post daily


PS: I have a page with 1,00,000+ followers on Instagram and I have created my own theory. Feel free to ask me in a comment. Next topic would be Telegram

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Bhavik Jain

What is the response rate, I mean how many people do read & comment on your post?

Bharat Garachh

not understood your question

Bhavik Jain

from those 1lakh followers how many people presses like and comments on your post?

Bharat Garachh

all are real, and depends on post, I got 600 to 5000 likes for each post

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