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How to ask the right questions in a marketing agency sales call?

Yesterday I was on a sales call. I realized how solidified our internal systems are, as we went by the excel sheet of data.

So this is how you can question your clients

1. Objective:

This is 50% of the work done. Usually, the prospect says ' I want sales' ( Duh!!).

But sales means many things. Is he/she wanting more product flow, or do they want higher revenue or profits, or do they just want to increase the returning customers or the average order value?

We usually ask them to rank their top 3 priorities.

2. What are the current numbers?

What is the current state of business, customer base, revenue, returning customers percentage, marketing spends, the margin for each product etc?

3. How much data do they have?

Marketing is a game of data, and how much of it do they have already. The knowledge of this helps build a tentative strategy.

4. Advertising history!

Has the prospect advertised before? And if so, for how long, how much were the spends and how much was the revenue.

5. What are the expectations?

This is where you gauge the seriousness and practicality of the person's expectations. This is the last step. You have priority metrics from step one. What are the expectations?

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