Geet Kiran Aneja .

Hi guys, I have been receiving multiple payments via paypal account but the problem is paypal wants to hold every incoming payment for 21 days. I can't afford that. But PayPal says it is make sure account is in use regularly/established. And I have been using this account since Jan to receive payments and for past 30 days have been using it every day. How can I bypass this and make all my amount on hold available for withdrawal? Let me know if this is possible.

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Harshad Moray

Just faced the same for my first payment! Paypal do educate you to clear the confusion and make your transfer to bank! If you're desperate, give me a call, I'll be happy to help!

Yash Bhardwaj

1. Mark the payment is shipped or no shipping required (digital product)

2. Ask your client to change status to received.

3. Boom! Instantly get the money.

4. Uninstall PayPal and use transferwise

Siddharth Sehra

Switch to Payoneer, I've been using it for a while now. It's way better than PayPal

Agni Chatterjee

Yeah skip PayPal

Elanchezhiyan Ragavan

Use Transferwise and Payoneer

Agni Chatterjee

Register a company and sigh up for stripe.

Geet Kiran Aneja

I had signed for personal stripe last year. Can I change it to my sole proprietorship?

Agni Chatterjee


Probably you can use your personal account as well, but having a company helps you manage taxes better

Rahul Maheshwari


Shlok Joshi

Get transferwise

Aman Arora

Stripe is the best, but TransferWise is awesome. The best conversion rate you get there.

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