Apurva Raj .

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This one is from session between Kunal Shah and Brian Norgard (Ex CPO of Tinder, investor in many big tech companies) on how to make better and faster decisions.

They have this core belief established in the company - It’s called SimpleFunUsefull.

Whatever new features they come up with or whatever product related decisions they have to make, they always ask this question first

Is it simple?
Is it fun?
Is is usefull?

If they get Yes for all 3 then and only then they proceed but even if 1 N, doesn’t matter how good it is or what the data says, they don’t proceed.

It has to simple, it has to be fun, and it has to usefull. All three or nothing.

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Anish Avachat

Hey didn't attend the session and the philosophy sounds a way for taking decisions but I have couple of points, won't there be a founder bias? Each founder will think of their offering as simple, fun, useful.

Eg- Cred is fun and useful but wasn't simple for early adopters. Needed a lot of user education.

What happens then? Let me know if those points were discussed.

Apurva Raj

Founders bias wasn’t discussed.

Also, deciding if something is fun or simple or useful isn’t being done by one person, it’s from whole team.

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