Mohit Prajapati .

Need Advice

My Sister is Art enthusiast so i suggest her to start youtube channel. She is taking care of her 2 year baby meanwhile managing youtube channel(IndiArtomania) and in 1 year she has 4.9k subscribers and some videos received 2M views.

She uploads Rangoli, Painting related videos.

She is also selling paintings and receiving order from Pune and Bhopal, Indore.

Now problem is, she is not aware how to decide price of paintings/How to increase sells and how to increase subscribers & earning through YouTube channel.

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Kshitij Patil

Ask her how much she wants to earn every month.
Divide that into working hours (@ 8/hours) Day and you'll arrive at her hourly labour cost.
Multiply that hourly cost to the number of hours needed for each piece and price it accordingly.
Of they sell fast, increase the hourly rate by 5/10/20% and do the cycle again.
With time you'll find a demand supply equilibrium.

Hemant Singh

I don't think this is a good approach. This is good for consulting or freelancing, not for art because price dynamics of art works differently.

Kshitij Patil

True, but it's a good place to start. No art pieces have been priced perfectly on day 1.
Rather that getting stuck in analysis paralysis, I prefer just doing something and then correcting based on Market feedback.

Vikram Parthan

She could check out - where she can truly monetize her passion. She can run her business on Gigsy and even get pointed advice thru the community blogs and mails on how to go about making money thru her passion.

Abhishek Samant

Hey. So a couple of things. Ask her to connect all the social media platforms together. Either using a managing tool or else manually providing links where necessary. Now Google owns YouTube and they want people to use their ad platform for obvious reasons. Hence organic reach is limited, like around 6 to 10 % of the total subscribers. So investing in google and facebook ads for her products would be better for selling her stuff. Obviously you can grow followers the old school way but it's difficult right now. Using Patreon to build a subscription model is an alternative that many Youtubers are opting for.

Mohit Prajapati

seem good Idea but selling through ads is temporary thing..

Abhishek Samant

Well ads are mainly for promoting her products and directing traffic to the store for direct sales. Ads can't be used for selling directly per say. It's temporary but useful for promotion.

Piyush Soni

Youtube Marketing can be learnt from udemy, I guess!

Dheeraj Mehndiratta

Paintings are priced "@Per sq. Ft." In the Art mkt.

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