Piyush Soni .

Does Remarketing grow or shrinks your business?

I know this is a little bit hard question to ask but I find many people are not happy to see one company ads again and again over time.

Some are utterly hating it and asking/reporting companies to stop showing their ads.

I asked one of my friends as well, would it be fine if he sees a particular ad 2-3 times in a day, and his answer was 'not more than once', which means I guess does he even want to see these repeating ads?

My personal experience is also the same, I don't like to see ads overtime again and again.

What are your best ways for Remarketing making sure that ads don't annoy your previous website visitors?

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Faisal Zia Anwer

Do it smart

Lemme give u an example
Suppose I'm selling a kitchen product. I target housewives on Instagram with a creative showing the features of the products.

I get traffic. Now in the next 14 days I retarget
1. People who added to cart and initiated checkout with a separate creative and offer.
2. People who came to website in last 14 days with a separate creative showing other aspects of the products ( not functional aspects)

Remarketing is where the money is mate.

Piyush Soni

So basically based on your previous ad, you would retarget only that people who has added to the cart made a purchase ?

Faisal Zia Anwer

u can retarget any action. That's why I'm saying Do It Smartly;)

Piyush Soni

Theek hai, jo log cart me daalte hai awr purchase karte hai, that thing is fine! How to retarget people who only visits to the website without any purchase?

Faisal Zia Anwer

website traffic kr skte hai
Exclude add to cart wali audience usme.

Kshitij Patil

Piyush Soni There's no point in remarketing to the people who've made a purchase unless you plan to show them the accessories they didn't buy the first time around.The people who only visit the site could be a lot in numbers and be low on intent. So unless you have a decent budget to pursue, you would like Faisal Zia Anwer said focus on any actual ACTION like Add to Wishlist etc.

Faisal Zia Anwer

Kshitij Patil however....we put 5 to 7% of the budget in a post purchase funnel to increase the LTV, and upsell the customers.

Sai Krishna

Remarketing as an option is most essential for every business. And for marketers it's a boon having the option to reapproach every warm/hot lead that's in the verge of converting.

In remarketing it all boils down to your representation of your Creative and the message you put forward. You ought to touch those pain points and highlight those features to your customers which your competitors might not offer.

Ofcourse the SEMrush ads or Moz Ads or "How Sankalp generates 1.5CR" or "Abhinandan Sarkaar" ads that play on YouTube multiple times are annoying and moreover at times they are made such way so that people remember it and revisit them and converting. When watch things for more than 10-15 times people would be like chalo dhekhi letey hai ye kya cheez hai also when the Product cost is high and when it takes time to make a decision it's okay to play these ads and hit the customer multiple times.

Provided, approach the customer with a different *Creative* so that he stays there without scrolling or skipping and watches what you have to offer.

Display Ads work good for Re-targeting of a customer, just change the Creative and copy occassionally, let your customer not see the same thing 3+ times.

Marketer needs to be Creative while executing Re-targeting Ads.

Finally, Re-targeting does make your business a profitable one if executed Smartly (As Faisal said)

Piyush Soni

Yes definately agree with you! Creativity does play a role while retargeting! But a lot times I have seen even creativity also fails. Nowadays, many people does that! Youtube is filled with creativity but yet something is there which annoys user when seeing ads.. May be his perspective is ye to bechne hee aya hai.. How to remove that stigma or that perception?

Sai Krishna

it would not be a one night thing. It shall take good amount of time for brand to remove that stigma from his potential customer.

Provide VALUE. Period.

Give your customer tons of knowledge about your product and how it would help them in short term or long term. Also build your BRAND!

Take reference with Puma, Nike, Kellogg's, H&M. They do not sell a product they sell an experience. While marketing they don't just hit the pain points but also give an emotional touch which lures people to prefer their products over others.

For Starters I personally think, keep giving value without expecting in return and then slowly push ads once they convert upsell/cross sell your products.

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