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Critical components of captivating #Copywriting

When it comes to #copywriting, if you’re not great at what you do, you better go home, right?

The first and foremost element of copywriting is persuasion. In simpler terms, copywriting is nothing but a persuasion that takes place partly without the help of an individual human salesperson.

The most critical components are of great copies are:
-Attention - The most important element is attention. Your copy should be capable enough to garner attention to whatever medium your advertising on.

-Interest - Second, it should generate interest of the prospective buyer in whatever you are trying to sell

-Desire - Your copy should also be able to generate a desire for procuring your product/service. In other words, your copy should give the prospective buyer the happy mental picture of how it will influence their life with your product/service.

-Action- Lastly, your copy should be able to take your customer to the end goal. This will require a clear and concise call-to-action.

All in all, to make your #copywriting effective, your copy should be able to:
-Be Useful
-Engage with your audience
-And deliver value over time.

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Diptesh Das

Well said man! I'm not a core copywriter except for that my posts are liked by #pushstarters and others (poor bragging I know)But a basic copy should have atleast a HOOK-STORY-OFFER model. In your explanation you broke down STORY part elaborately which is perfect!But there are some inputs, here in your copy you fail to cook a story, it went straight like info post! People should rather connect to it.You fail to address pain points that people face due to poor copy!🙂Apart from it, it's an all over good #pushknowledge post!

Suraj Kumar

Yes, AIDA model is most most important model for Copywriting. basically, it's all about storytelling. and customer can relate with the Product

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