Rajesh Garg .

Let's say I have the data of thousands of Shopify stores. How would you monetize it?🤔

I'm thinking of an idea where I can gather data from thousands of e-commerce stores. Data would majorly include: average cart, visits, prices, revenues, etc...

I'm curious to have your insights, how can I monetize this kind of data?

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Rahul Rajvanshi

Build a shopify plugin SaaS. Sell it

Rajesh Garg

Yes! Actually a good idea though😯. Apart from directly enabling it in the shopify, can we sell it in some other ways. Something like a file or lets say on a website!

Rahul Rajvanshi

yeah you can but you need to get a funnel which brings you customers right ? Once you make a plugin that works with shopify in a segment and you are have got some customers from it. The organic traffic from the shopify appstore is huge. You can run the SaaS without any spend on marketing literally apart from content and SEO

Here this should give you a little motivation


Suneil Barsaiyan

Create an affiliate service for ecommerce companies. Sell them relevant traffic

Nikhil Jathar

Tons of ways to monetize this data. :D Do you have this ready or you are in the process of acquiring this data?

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