Abhinav Sankar .

Side project is gaining some traction. How to monetize it?

One of my friends got laid off due to COVID and haven't been able to find a dev job since. To stay sharp on his dev skills he made a political compass website (websites related to political ideology) 2 weeks ago and it seems to be gaining some traction.

It got 20k views in the past 2 weeks.

Where should he go from here? Should he monetize it with ads or should he start selling something on the website?

Any Suggestions!

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Anand Vardhan

Advertisements are the better alternative. Selling mech or far off products on the site just make the user feel alienated, even if it gets some purchases here or there.

Advertisements are more expected by the user on a platform of such sort. Compare it to any quiz websites that have existed for years

Preet Sonpal

Try Integrating Google Ad Sense!

That'll be the easiest way to start...

Abhinav Sankar

Fair Idea! But don't you think this would take a lot of time?

Preet Sonpal

Not really! It will be faster than presenting metrics to get an adveriser onboard and getting the right creatives made and they'd also want to track conversion metrics on the same...

Vini Katyal

Try applying to Amazon affiliates and other advertiser's

Abhinav Sankar

Yes basically the selling part you are referring to here,right?

Vini Katyal

yes affiliate networks there are quite a few

Also there are specific ad networks with more cost per click but I think the views should be more you can check

Kapil Agarwal

Both can be done

Abhinav Sankar

But what would be more favourable in his case?

Kapil Agarwal

Cant predict everything...try and see the results. At the end money is what really matters.

Shashwat Verma

whats a website

Ayush Agrawal

20K in 2 week is early traction but not enough to actually give real money. He should spend more time and effort to bring more traffic regularly 1 lakh a month is considerable traffic to give good revenues.

Don’t start selling yet, build the crowd, SEO and reputation, money will follow

Abhinav Sankar

Agree! Say for future prospectives, what would you recommend?

Ayush Agrawal

the decision needs to be taken based on many parameters including the sector and target segment. If its niche segment building an audience is really important and then there are various parameters with which you can judge the audience and readiness to make payments and accordingly revenue sources can be explored.

Abhijeet Kaushal

First and foremost, go for google Adsense. Its the best.

Then he can try and partner with e-commerce entrepreneurs and market their products on his site for a fixed or percentage basis.

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