Prathamesh Dixit .

I would like to review my website for quality SEO, website ranking & digital marketing. What factors should I consider on my website ?

I am travel photographer and photography is main part of my website. I do mention alt texts, file names, header tags (H1,H2,H3), optimised image sizes etc. What else I can do to reach a potential client or right audience through organic or paid advertise ?

Thanks !

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Mayur Kulkarni

HubSpot has really nice blogs and free templates you can use for doing these assessments as a novice.

Rohan Ramgude

Inbox me:)
I recently completed a photographers website and can share my insights + help as much I can

Kshitij Patil

Bhai tu link de.🙈

Prathamesh Dixit

here you go :

Not sure if links are allowed here on pushstart. Will DM too.

Thanks again !

Kshitij Patil

Okay, quick question. It's a dumb one, but just to be sure.
Are ALL the pictures on the website shot by you?

Prathamesh Dixit

yes they are... ! I am professional travel photographer so I travel and shoot. All pictures are mine except the one involved in page banner or pop up screen images.

Kshitij Patil

I asked you because the pictures are exceptional! Especially the travel ones. Actually they're so good, that they feel stuck. You need to put some text content and tell the story behind those images in the most concise manner because there are a lot of photographers out there who put up others' work and pass it on as their own. They feel the end user is fooled, but in reality the people know.

Prathamesh Dixit

Thank you so much for your kind words Kshitij ! In regards with description of images, I do have a section for it however its not that open for every user. There is small DOT on bottom left of each image , when hovered, shows information about the image just like shown in this one. I felt that it would be helpful to get some organic traction through google with SEOs.

Kshitij Patil

That being said I feel you need a new website design altogether. The font selection needs to be better. Something Sans the Serifs. Also, the navigation is not the most intuitive IMHO.
Add to that, the top Nav Bar is dark in color and so are a lot of your images which makes it difficult to notice and access it.

Prathamesh Dixit

I would definitely look into these and try to update the website accordingly. Navigation is something I am challenged from long time. I believe changing home screen image would make it easier for me to lighten the navigation font colours for better visual appeal.

Khushbu Davda

Prathamesh Dixit love it. Start Architecture photography? I'm your first client there😁

Prathamesh Dixit

Many thanks Khushbu.. Kindly let me know if you are really looking for the coverage. We can discuss it offline over DM ! I am up for new ideas and projects always.

Kshitij Patil

Prathamesh Dixit Oh... Not to brag or anything, if I can't see it, I'm pretty sure a lay used DEFINITE can't reach it (We have been developing Websites for a living for like 10 years🙈) So see what you can do to make that text piece more accessible, like I said, looking at the whole experience, tweaks will take almost the same amount of time and effort as would a new theme/design. Talk to your Dev about it and before you finalize on the theme, see how a lay person behaves and navigates on it.

Also, for the Nav visibility, you'll have to change ALL the dark images just to make it visible since you have full screen images across the board. That immersive experience is making it tough to place interaction elements.

As for your SEO, the blog will take care of it. Just make sure it's mentioned in Robot.txt and gets submitted to Google & Bing

Add Yoast plugin to your WP. Do as it says. It'll help a little.

Prathamesh Dixit

Kshitij Patil thanks for such honest and detailed approaches. Not sure if I should be worried or pleased to say that I am the one who developed/built the website from scratch. So that’s where lag for experience ! But I am rebuilding and changing my website everytime with such feedbacks to make it look user friendly every time ! I will definately consider the best possible !🙂

I have been willing putting my images full screen as recommended by international photographers since that makes the experience very special ! But yes , I get your point and that’s the challenge which I am having from long time to make it better every time !

suggestion of yoast is interesting . I never tried it .. I think I should now🙂

Kshitij Patil

Prathamesh Dixit The fact that your're making the site yourself it the best thing honestly, because you have no idea what customisations are and you have not done them on your website. This means all you have to do is go on the WP Theme Store and Try them all out!

Piyush Soni

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