Santosh Dubey .

How do I start an Internet radio station for free or with minimum investment?

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Vini Katyal


Santosh Dubey


Amboriish N

OBS + Ahuja Mic + Laptop + mic stand + my technical fees = INR 20k

Santosh Dubey

that INR 20K include all the equipment that you mentioned here or just the fees? Because I don't think anyone can probably provide all the materials in that much of money.

Amboriish N

laptop not included, my fees is 15k

DrNeha Savla Shah


Sri Ram Suravarapu

Try listen2myradio.com

You can try using a regular mic that comes with the headphones. Decent enough. So I can call it totally free as well!!

Shrey Gupta

I've been doing a podcast with a regular mic that is attached in my earphones, faced no issues yet. You can host on Anchor which will automatically distribute your podcast to all major platforms. It takes nothing to start a podcast.

Amit Baliga

Podcast is almost free as people mentioned here! Once you gain enough traction, you can always upgrade your equipment!

Vanshi Mehta


Srijan Arora

Minimum invest
If you need help in lauching your radio station (International) please contact @ inbox

Steve Dantas

I think we should have a radio station or Podcast dedicated to Pushstarters

Ra Ghu


Qureshi Abuzar

podcast is the word

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