Rajesh Garg .

Let this sink in!

The more of these apps we use, the more we compromise our privacy.

How do we stop relying on Chinese apps and empower Indian developers?

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Bharat Garachh

Privacy for android😂
Allmost every app ask permission for so many things which not required..

Rajesh Garg

Most of the times it is required....but it makes me uneasy just to think that my personal information will be sold on the dark web

Bharat Garachh

godaddy data sold, adhar card data sold..
Aur kya Chahiye zindagi me
Zindagi ese hi gulzar he

Rajesh Garg

wish I could go off the grid. Just unplug one day and never go back to the internet.

Bharat Garachh

we are in illusion, we don't know what we know and want..
But boycot Chinese app is just childish act...
Chinese are hard and innovative, they can make at cheap rate while we can't or don't want....
We have to make products cheaper and innovative way but we can't do so we are busy to boycot Chinese items

Rajesh Garg

What about Tencent apps like pubg/call of duty mobile....I feel teenagers and gamers are scammed into selling their privacy by product companies. Have you ever noticed that you talk to someone about a product on phone and suddenly that product starts appearing everywhere!!
I am afraid to even use google assistant or amazon echo.

Sumit Saha

i stopped using my home assistant. It creeps me out thinking that someone is always listening. Unplugged it.
I stick to my reliable bluetooth speakers🙌

Piyush Soni

If you see this as this perspective, then almost every app has privacy issues.

Arvinth Kumar Nair

Hey Pubg cooperation is a South koraen company and Tencent have a share of 10% in the same. If that's the case, we really need to look at our indian startups too ..

Where Tencent is investing on Flipkart, Dream 11, Byju's ..

There are few more from Chinese investors like ola, makemytrip, bigbasket ,oyo, Paytm Zomato, swiggy. this can go on ..

Can we delete few of these ??

And most importantly, most of us might be using made in china phones/laptops or atleast some of their accesories might be from China ..

How can we say no to these ??

Besides when it comes to selling information, there is a video on Cobra post website where A vice president of a well known company claims to have sold lot of information to a one specific political party ..

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