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Hi guys!

It's been an absolute pleasure, reading posts on this group and getting inspired by everyone's hustle and passion. Thankyou everyone, for that.

I run a small firm and we've an fb ads spend varying between 10k-20k USD per month. (I'm an amateur when it comes to fb ads). So recently, FB provided us with a dedicated account manager to help us target better and optimise our ads. I've just been on one 60min call with my manager so far, but it was enough to make me realise that I need to learn better, the basics of fb/insta ads. It'll be very useful if you kind and wise people who've experience in the same suggest a few links where I could read up before scheduling my next call with fb.

Edit : Apologies people! After reading the responses here, I realised that I've not mentioned that we've been doing ads for 2 years now and led you guys to believe that I'm an absolute beginner. I want to learn how to use a relatively healthy budget better, especially from people who've done it, without having to reinvent the wheel. Hence the query.

Much thanks.

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Ra Ghu

The whole point is you learn from him, you can ask him for the resources to go through!

Rushi Ahuja

Yes, but I like to be prepared before my lessons. Always have.:)

Ra Ghu

The reason is there is too much content on the web on this, very difficult to suggest what works for you

Rushi Ahuja

Was looking for some effective sources and basic pointers to avoid the rookie mistakes one tends to make in every field. I'd like to hear from people who've already experienced that curve.

Saurabh Kumar

A good starters guide from HubSpot!

Shraddha Patil

There are many videos on YouTube.

Raj Kiran Singh

14 lakh ₹ per month. Fb should send a full time resource to you office.

Sharika Kaul

Why did you start with this amount and not lower? see what is your return, how much business you are getting etc and then ramp up the budget slowly based on the performance?

Rushi Ahuja

We started with a much lower amount (zero) and increased our ads budget in proportion to revenue.

Sharika Kaul

ok then you should ask your manager what changes he is making in his media plan thats giving the revenues..mind you past performance is no guarantee of a mlm get the data on why its increasing...

Sachin Mendon

actually Facebook themselves offer free basic courses for Business. Check out this link:

Also specifically for Facebook Ads you can check this free course by Hubspot

Agni Chatterjee

Use revealbot, they have a course to set things up . No point in reinventing the wheel

Harish Ibrahim

20K ad spent says your firm is not that small. Kinda odd/happy to see humbleness these days:)

Harshad Moray

This is a make it or break it moment for you!

This is a great case where you've all the money to test out the strategies you learnt or going to learn.

Few personal tips!
• Have your team ready for rapid content creation & have one team for backup!
• A/B testing funnels
• Invest in quality CRM for ROI analysis‼️
• And, allow yourself to be an excellent judge to balance out to spend just the right amount so the client budget, and your attached fee keep rolling! Don't overspend or underspend!!

Learn on the job with client budget! Make him more money doing so.🤘

Bhumish Sheth

Well before the community tells you which course is perfect to improve your usage of budget.. here's a thought.. to be able to suggest the most perfect course we need to understand, what is the problem you are facing.. and that cannot be defined as improper usage of funds, but should be defined as either "not reaching enough people against the spends" that would be interpreted as awareness campaign not working alright.. in that case we could probably suggest you a course around how to sharpen your lookalike audience.. similarly if the problem you are facing is "people are looking at the ads but not making the move" the problem is with engagement, you could then do a course around the kind of content that engages on hubspot, or the kind of a/b tests you should do, or the kind of funnels you can make around Facebook advertising.. if your question is around "decoding where should I invest more" then answer would be courses around budget split, and courses that help identifying how your business goals are aligning with your ad spends.. thus I feel the community needs more before they advice you on the courses.. most of them might not be exactly structured.. but we can definitely suggest some reading material that can help..

Vishal Rewari

check out the book Sell Like Crazy

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