Jayanta Samaddar .

Need some advice.
How to deal with a legal firm/company that holds onto your company Director's DSCs and doesn't return them and wants you to take their compliance package?

It's kind of like extortion. I don't want their service anymore but they keep making sales calls asking me to take their service and that they won't repeat what they did earlier (we missed an ITR filing). I am tired of telling them I don't want their service and I want the DSCs back, we have developed means to do filings on our own and that they have no right holding onto them. (We're using Zoho Books and they have an inbuilt GST filing feature. All you require is your DSC.) The executives on call keep saying, they will inform the DSC team and then we do not get a callback and our emails are unanswered. I don't think they intend to return them. I think the same director cannot have multiple DSCs so we really require them back.

This is like a lesson on how not to deal with a customer. I've done business with them for 3 years. Their service went downhill last year and now I don't want to continue anymore especially how they missed 2017-2018 filing due to their own irresponsibility. I used to spend daily 40 mins on call with them trying to get this mess solved. Don't want to repeat it again but now our DSCs are stuck with them.

The company is Indiafilings.com

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CA Gaurav Sukhija

Hey Buddy
You can very well create a new DSC and register the same on the portal
So dont worry and get a new DSC
DM me if I could be of any help to u

Sanket Shah

but there will always be a risk of their DSC being misused.

CA Gaurav Sukhija

yes that will always be a catch till the time it expires
It will expire anyhow in 12-24 months

Plus dont worry no good organisation would go down about using ur DSC for unauthorised use

Samyak Jain


1. There’s nothing like that a person cannot hold more than 1 DSC. You can get multiple.

2. If they are not returning the DSC to you and you are worried about unauthorised usage, it you have the details of that certificate, simply reach out to your Certifying Authority and ask them to revoke it.

Ashutosh Senger

Send them a legal notice, hopefullt should get sorted, they cant have a lien over DSC like this. Check whether the entity or the concerned professional of the entity you are mentioning is under icsi or icai as well.

Vishal Rawat

Contact your indiafilings account manager, most probably, your dsc will be with him/her.

Jayanta Samaddar

done...many times.

Vishal Rawat

It seems your account manager is a lazy person. In my case, dsc was with indiafilings account manager for almost 1 and a half year, he left indiafilings and still managed to send me dsc via post within 5 days of request.

Mani Kumar

I've had a terrible experience with India Filings. Luckily I got our DSC's out of them after first year filing, after cooking up some ressons. Since their team primarily speaks in Tamil (As was with our executive) I'd suggest that you give a Tamilian friend of yours their number and make them firmly push the request.

You could also just switch to another professional and just make a new DSC which might be way less frustrating.

Their team sold us their packages claiming to be experts, but expect you to do half the running around yourself and just send you automated mailers:/Smart business model for them, but would frustrate the crap out of you if you're a first time entrepreneur.

Their staff also barely understand state laws, being a tamilian myself was the only thing that made it easier to converse with them. They also constantly call and upsell you packages by scaring you with government regulations.

Nikhil Pratap Singh

Thanks for sharing this here. I referred someone to use Indiafilling services. Have informed them on the same issue that you have faced. Luckily they have not taken any services.

Jayanta Samaddar

Just updating: I managed to get a DSC done on emudhra...awaiting the token. Painless procedure. No response from India filings still. Worst experience ever.

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