Prathamesh Dixit .

How do you find your audience for mail campaigns at the start of your business ?

Hello pushstarters,

I am travel photographer and educator. I am hard earning subscribers to my website and newsletters however the processing is slow and reaching a threshold now. I was wondering if anybody here is expertise who can help me understand how I can look out for mass audience for my email marketing or newsletter subscription ?

Any ideas are welcome !

Thanks !

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Shivakumar Valadi

Have you first identified the specific TGs for service, and further the specific messaging for each of those TGs. This then will lead to structuring the email message right for each TG, starting from the subject line

This is critical for email marketing, else, your message is lost in the flood of emails received everyday

Prathmesh Dixit

sorry I may be bad at understanding terms . What is TG please ?

Shivakumar Valadi

Sorry... Jargon

Target Groups.. for target customers or target market

Prathmesh Dixit

ahhh makes sense now😅sorry for my knowledge .. I do have them but current subscribers are very few to target group them. I am trying to increase them and find ways in regards .

Shivakumar Valadi

first know who your TGs should be, i.e. travel enthusiasts, agents, media, adventure junkies, etc.. (just throwing out random categories here).. then you know where to get them or how to target through your campaigns.

If you don't exactly know what you are looking for, anybody will do... But just anybody will not deliver the results you are looking for

Prathmesh Dixit

I am travel photographer , travel blogger , photography educator and fine art prints seller for home decors , office spaces , restaurants , interior designers , architects , art galleries etc.

My targets are mainly photography enthusiasts, travel freaks who loves to read photographic stories , and my client base for fine art prints.

So I am trying to increase the conversion of subscriber to my workshops and prints sell.

Zain Siddiqui

Build your email list by:

1. The patient but rewarding approach of directing people to your site through SEO or paid ads and optimizing the page for newsletter signups.

2. Build an email marketing list by collecting email ids from websites and scrapping them frim facebook posts or linkedin.

3. Directly buy databases of your TG

Please remember that growth of newsletter list will be faster as you go from 1 to 3. At the same time open rate of newsletter will be lower as you go from 1 to 3.

Prathmesh Dixit

hey Zain ,

Thank you for such detailed answer.

1. Paid ads is something I haven’t tried. Are you suggesting google ads ?

2. I was under impression that every email subscription has to be signed up by subscriber hence haven’t tried to push it without permission. I think I should target email ids through Facebook , LinkedIn as mentioned. This will need some serious work of research !

3. Where can I buy such databases ? Are they really helpful for long term engagements ? Conversions of email will be my motive than just increasing email numbers.

Thanks again !

Zain Siddiqui

1. Yes, Google search ads (active intent audiences) and Facebook (passive audiences) are a great way to pull traffic immediately and build email lists.

However, SEO would be the more prudent long term option that needs work from day 1 as well.

2. Yup. Organic list building by scrapping data would be slightly daunting but its most importantly FREE.

3. Try Easyleadz to begin with. Its by a Pshstarter. A simple Google search will reveal many more tools.

Kshitij Patil

Okay, firstly you need to start thinking from the potential subscriber's perspective.
- Why should I subscribe?
- What will I miss if I don't?
- What's in it for me? (Special Access Content, Personalised Tips/Reviews on pics I've shot etc.)
That being said, some small things you can do to push subscription is
- To put in the "Subscribe to my Newsletter" box in the middle and end of your blog posts.
- To get more subscribers, run webinars and zoom discussions that require registration.
- Mention Tick Marks about Accepting yout T&C, Privacy Policy and Subscribing to your Newsletter. You can keep the later one optional or compulsory based on how aggresive you want to be about this.

Prathmesh Dixit

some stunning thoughts here . Thanks again ! I think webinar’s is something I should be targeting more in near future. Value adds for subscriber is something I should focus more. Organic subscribers into business clients is my target and I am really willing to work on these during this crucial time !

Thanks for your feedback ! Always appreciated !

Kshitij Patil

Always love to share the best I can.
Although to add to your problems, here's a conundrum:

There's a very high chance that in cases like Photography, your audience/subscribers may not necessarily be your clients.

Again, I could be wrong, but I always felt this: If I want to learn about photography (or really any other craft) from you, I do so to make it on my own. I am not going to be your client.


Garnering a larger audience (of peers/learners) actually does two things, that may end up giving you a larger conversion in the future:
1. Peer Validation: Helping actual customers trust you quicker since you are seen as a thought leader/authority in that niche.
2. Cult following: Helping you spread your work faster without relying only on paid marketing.


Always remember (assuming I'm not wrong) that your current audience is not your customer, but they could help you reach one.

Prathmesh Dixit

Kshitij Patil you are absolutely right .. !

The chances of that happening are very few ! So I am trying to set new goals in marketing and target accordingly. That’s where #pushstart comes in picture !🙂Thanks to all you big brainers for helping hands. Now I am trying to bring in new products for my end customers. Started thinking with business mind for monetisation of art and at the same time working on building bunch of enthusiasts who would help me grow as thought leader !

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