Bhavik Jain .

My friend is about to launch his first business and he is fortunate to own a 4 character domain name, which is also the name of the business.

In terms of branding, how do he go about trademarking this?

Do he trademark "XXXX" ( business name )

OR "www.XXXX.COM" ( Domain name )

OR "XXXX.COM - The _______ company " ( company name with a tag line) ?

What's the best approach here from a branding perspective that can be scaled across the board?

PS. For context, its a B2B startup, and most initial leads are going to come from LinkedIn.

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Keyur Savaliya

Trademark business name,domain name,buy domain name for long term ,use 2FA

Bhavik Jain

What is 2FA?

Keyur Savaliya

OTP based or password based security

For domain name transfer login

Bhavik Jain

two factor authentication, got it.

You mean to trade domain name & company name, What are your views on the tagline?

Keyur Savaliya

one thing I want to tell is get trademark for everything,i mean brand name,product name,tag line,domain name.
One day all this investment will seems you very small amount when you reach on the top/milestone.

I have seen many brands,paying hefty amount for their domain name or fight for trademarks..

Better way is wake up early,prepare your legal documentation and than starts marketing.

Bhavik Jain

Oh wow, which brands were they?

Keyur Savaliya

so many international..You can search such a so many disputes online..

Trademark dispute india
Domain name dispute by brand

Bhavik Jain

Damm, glad I asked this for my friend. It is a good idea. Thanks for the help. Once registered for how long it is valid?

Keyur Savaliya

till someone file some cases /appeal or oppose..Most probably 10 years..I have 2 trademark,1 Pvt Ltd firm,30+domains

Bhavik Jain

So you need to pay only one time when you register the trademark right?

Keyur Savaliya


Nikhil Sachdeva

Do tm of brand name

Bhavik Jain

Noted but what are your thoughts on the idea given by Keyur?

Nikhil Sachdeva

he possibly meant word mark and water mark.

Yes you can go ahead with both.

But i will also vary in how many classes you need.

For eg i was doing apparel and found I should do tm in 3 different classes to cover my entire portfolio like tees, dress, furnishings, leather products.

So with use case you may also need accross different classes.

So in this case it becomes 6 applications.

So its not as simple as it looks.

You can speak to my attorney for more better advice if needed.

Also, tm in india is limited to India.

If brand is global, keep counting number of applications accordingly😬

Bhavik Jain

Oh my god that number can be huge, thanks for the advice.

Lavelesh Sharma

I suggest trademark * business name - and tagline "

Don't involve www or .com since these terms make a brands less of a human and more of a digital property.

can you help me understand what extra benifit will it serve to trademarks www.abcd.com?
Compared to " abcd - a random company " ?

I am asking this question for gaining information/techniques point of view, not an IPR expert.

Karishma Jumani

Trademark the logo/ mark and the business name. Domain name can be bought long term.

You can do an international trademark application. Feel free to connect with us in case you need assistance with any IPR.

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