Amit Shyamsukha .

Anyone who operates multi vendor ecomm website - how do you transfer the money to vendors - manually or via some integration?

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Ra Ghu

I let them withdraw automatically after the return period is complete

Gaurav Mittal

Ra Ghu how do you do that? Is it real time transfer into their account when they request for withdrawal? Which website are you operating

Amit Shyamsukha

Ra Ghu How do you do that via payment gateway or a bank integration - I am unable to find anything like that which we can automate

Ra Ghu

I use Dokan Business plugin, if you are going to use it buy a registered version as the nulled ones have malicious scripts which can compromise user data

AMiT Thakrar

Many gateway offers marketplace set-up of gateway in which you can program according to your needs.

Such transfers will cost transaction fees.

We did it in PayPal and Razorpay in past. If it's not too much, you can do it manually from gateway panel too. All depends on how tedious your current task is.

Amit Shyamsukha

in Razorpay it is immediate , while we need to hold the payment for sometime to verify - plz correct me in case of Razorpay

Sibendra Mallick

Call Razorpay

Banks also do bulk payouts, but you need to talk to them.

Sushant Shekhar

Payoneer, Razorpay

Devendra Sarda

I believe there will be 2 tasks:

1.Different deductions before paying

2.Deferred payment

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