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How to visualize your Facebook ad campaign?

Top of the Funnel (TOF): These are the people who have never seen your brand. Each and every brand has a TOF, even Coca Cola and McDonald's. There are two ways of targeting the TOF, either through interests or through Lookalike Audiences. So when targeting interests, ask yourself what would attract a customer with this interest, towards my brand. Then you write a copy accordingly.

Write as if the person is seeing your brand for the first time.

Middle of the Funnel (MOF): These are the people who have seen your brand. They are, maybe a part of your email list, have interacted with your Instagram, or have been to your website. Treat them as such. They know your brand. Now, what offers do you have to make them convert? But keep in mind, at MOF, the purchase process hasn't yet started.

Remind them of your brand again. Retarget.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOF): The person is willing to make the purchase decision. Maybe the product has been added to the cart or the payment, but keep in mind that this person is very much interested in the brand, and all he/she requires is the right push. The right offer.

Go all salesy. The person wants to buy. Just retarget with the best creatives and offers that work.

Post Purchase Funnel: The person has purchased, But that doesn't mean he/she can't purchase again. Up-sell/cross-sell them. This helps increase the average order value as well as the Lifetime Value(LTV).

Treat the person as a valuable customer who already loves the brand!

This clears the market, and the language I need to speak when talking to the audience. Each stage of the funnel is different. Each interest targetted is different. On each level of purchase the mood of the prospect, their temperature as an audience is different.

Acknowledge these differences and then get to the marketing part of it!

All of this has helped up cross over $2 million in revenue recently for all our clients in the last nine months (Yay lol)

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