Vishal Dahiya .

How would you manage the PR of your client if they are in the middle of media trials?

One simple google search on Rhea's name and there's a flood of articles supporting the stories run by leading media outlets that have already declared her the culprit.

The case is ongoing yet media has made it impossible for her to even step out or step inside her house. They are everywhere, watching like hawks.

If as a PR you ever come across such situation with your client, how would you handle it?

There was an interview done with Aaj Tak that severely backfired.

Nothing is working to calm the mob of journalists for the TRP.

What would you do as a PR to protect your client till the judiciary acquits them or find guilty?

PS: This is an ongoing case, hence we are in no position to blame anyone.

As per the constitution, one is innocent until proven guilty. It is upto the judiciary to decide.

This is simply from the PR point of view.

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Bharat Acharya

Advise her to stay quite. People will forget it someday. Also, I would pick out all mean comments and threats & publicize them through social media. Create a feeling of disgust in the mind of the average Joe wrt to the hate she has been receiving. If you can't win let time be the best healer or redirect focus from yourself to something else.

Sahil Popli

It's depend on time, power, agenda, propoganda, and what/how actually country remembers.

Millions of examples of mis information, pre-court propogenda, completely 180° narrative on many things.

The time and power has changed so the old propogenda are going and new are coming soon.

This is just the manthan happening, isme se niklega kuch or.


Shivam Malhotra

Let the drama happen! Its better to stay chup right now.You cant really change the views of an audience which believes anything which yellow journalists & a certain political party feeds them because tomorrow even if the courts clear her,these people would say 'court bhi bikk gayi jaise police bikk gayi' lol.

Aditi Chadha

Hospitalization of her mom or sad. Whoever looks old n sick. It’s bitter but it’s true.

Saiprasad Balasubramanian

First would be for the client to keep quiet, and try to show good things from their past and theb try to change the narrative and try to bring in reasonable doubt in people's mind.

Have you seen Scandal TV series? Check it out it's all about managing crisis like this

Mohammed Ehsan Ullah

I will seek guidance from Salman and Sanjay dutt PR team 😅

They handled it pretty well

Nalin Savara

If she were my client - I would record her confession and after that punish her.

Important to stand up for what’s right even if one has to stand alone; even if one has to be a vigilante.

Srinivas Renikindi

First and foremost if I was her pr and it reached this point I should quit rather than thinking of ways to help.

If the question was asked on first or second day of event then go infront of all news media and tell what you know. Take a copy of entire interview for your records. Don’t bend facts as police or cbi will catch at some point.

Next keep distance from people who got you in this mess.

She said in interview that 50 lacks home loan she pays 16k emi. I want to know which bank is it 😂

Keyul Shah

Challenge Kangana for one on one debate.

It will divert focus on whether Kangana will accept the challenge or not

Narzari Bigrai

Create a bigger fire to douse the smaller fire 🙂

Nikhil Sachdeva

Show the good and human side of your client.

Like donations, charity works in past and in current times.

Try to be sonu sood but have to be careful, since your intention is only PR, not about actually helping people.

So media will pick this up.

But only things has to be bringing positivity by keeping quite on case but helping needy people.

Problem is PR should be not be showinh towards a victim card.

I have no idea who put this kind of ideas in head in this situation.

Xehraan Rk

Probably by publishing 100s of article with caption

”rhea is in depression”

“rhea attempted suicide”

“rhea hospitalised”

“rhea is pregnant”

“rhea was attacked”

“rhea met with an accident”

“some another women between rhea and sushant”(love traingle)


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