Faisal Zia Anwer .

I used to hate sales. 🤮☹

I was scared of it. I despised it.😱

Until I realised two things.

1. How to sell: Started using Facebook ads to sell.🤩

2. What to sell: Started selling myself over anything else.😁

Back in door to door sales, every sale gave me a high. So I was sure I am not in the wrong line of work. I just need to get more of this kickback. So I changed my selling medium. I got into Facebook ads and selling more of my client's products.

I hated the product I sold as a door to door sales guy. Water purifiers. Very boring product. Now, I sell myself. And along with myself, the services my agency provides.

Moral of the story: If something isn't working, it doesn't mean you suck or you aren't working hard. It means you need to take a step back, look at the process and optimize upon it.

Don't force what's not in your DNA.

Do what you are good at. People will pay you more if you do what you are good at and keep optimizing.

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Shubham Jat

Don't force what's not in your DNA! Love it

Sandeep Balaji

Sales is a great grounding for building a business. Offline or Online. I can't think of too many company owners or top CEO's who have never done sales. Once you have figured out the engine, then its easy designing the car!!!

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