Prashant Gupta .

Yesterday there was a post from Neeraj about how Pushstart earns. There is another aspect of Pushstart which is critical that how members earn.

I am taking my own case study. I have had some decent business opportunities through the community. Ticket size ranging from 5k to 300k. So I always say this place is not just another group or somebody's part-time work. This is serious networking. Now coming back to how you can make most out of it:

1) Be active and participate. Don't just exist.

2) Meet people for real. I have met Ankur Jain, Zain Siddiqui and many more amazing people face to face. I have also met Sathish CP, Prathiba online. These are a few amazing connections I have made. This gives the other person confidence about who you are and in turn, he can confidently refer you. Recent in the series is Apurva Mudgal with whom I have connected on personal chat only but a connection is important.

3) Help people!! Before getting all this and even now, I make sure I help everybody I can. I have given pro-bono to startups who said we don't have funds. I have helped people with relevant contacts. Please note I never do free work and I am not asking you to do either. But think, maybe your connect/advice could really solve somebody's big problem. This is like brand awareness for you. It is the topmost part of the sales funnel and I think all of you know this well.

4) Accountability!! If you are part of a community, be accountable for its growth. I add valuable people, I condemn wrong messages or acts without waiting for admin to do it. This is my community as much as it is of Neeraj.

5) Be tolerant. Last but not the least, this is a bog community. People will always have a different opinion than you. Respect it. Don't have personal grudges.

6) Don't hesitate to pitch but don't bug or spam around.

Good luck guys. Looking for more success stories in the comment.

PS: I have not mentioned many names in the message that does not mean that you were not important. I love you all. Another Important thing, koi branding ya product design ka refrence ho toh please tell me

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Neeraj Joshi

We are so glad that we have you in PS, been always helpful from the day you joined the community❤️❤️

Be it guidance while outsourcing services (you helped save 1L+ for us), or design or helping in events, connects, gyaaan, You are always the first person who would come in front to help🙌🏻🙌🏻

Zain Siddiqui

people should check Beryl website for their portfolio. Some really neat branding projects under their belt for national and international brands.

Vinay Kevadia

Well said, even i am getting benefits of some good connections and serious service providers from this group.

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