Ansha Dixit .

Why do founders look up to giants like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google... while making a product?

No matter how much founders criticise them publically, they end up incorporating tried and tested ways of these giants into their products!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Let me give you an example from my experience of how out of the box thinking changed the face of networking leveraging this pandemic!

Remember the time when we used to do offline #PushConnects to help you guys network and generate business opportunities?😏😏

Had anyone even thought of doing those meetups centred around NETWORKING, online and that too with 100+ founders?πŸ€“

No, Right?! Bhasad match jaaati bhai!

But we did it using AIRMEET!😍😍

Airmeet has grabbed the opportunity and bought offline networking events online which nobody could think was ever possible. They have completely changed the view of online business meetings.

Today no other product in the market is even close to Airmeet! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

They took a bold step, Challenged the face to face meeting norm, made a move and look at them now! I am sure most Pushstarters are aware of Airmeet today and how they owning the game!

So, What stops founders from taking these risks? Isn't risk taking the name of the game?😟

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Zain Siddiqui

Airmeet model rocks honestly. Proud that the founder is a Pushstarter.

Abhinav Sankar

Zain Siddiqui Yes. Great Product and use caseWas speaking to airmeet team a few weeks back on how they leveraged this pandemic for growth- Some really interesting anecdotes!Moreover their marketing was all organic and word of mouth and these days every 2nd event that i see is on airmeetπŸ”₯❀️Lalit Mangal

Ansha Dixit

Zain Siddiqui They made networking between PSers easier- warna pata nahi aur kitne mahine aise chalta:D

Piyush Soni

Yes definately 100% I agree here! There are businesses which suffered a lot in past few months! But as it is said In the middle of difficulties lies oppertunities. Airmeet has grabbed it for sure!

Rajesh Garg

Himmat karne walon ki kabhi har nhi hoti! I think Airmeet has proved it! But a lot of folks are not able to find that opportunity . They lack somewhere or the other! How can we solve that?

Shikar Sharma

I think it takes courage to fight tough situations! But how exactly I want to know Airmeet leveraged this opportunity! Can someone please tag anyone, I want to know the bigger picture behind it!

Deepak Singh

I want to ask one question here! A lot of other businesses are falling apart! Its good that some companies like airmeet have made it somehow! But what about other startups! What challenges are we facing here!!

Rahul Rajvanshi

For events Hopin.to is a superb product too

Adithya Shreshti

Hopin isπŸ‘Œ

There is a waitlist though

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