Akshaya Bhatia .

As reported, India plans to offer land near ports for setting up solar equipment manufacturing, in-order to challenge the Chinese firms’ dominance in one of the world’s largest green energy market.

Meanwhile, tariff and non-tariff barriers have been imposed to put a check on all imported solar cells, modules and inverters, that will make their sourcing from China expensive.

This has created traction for setting up domestic manufacturing of solar cells and modules here, with the strategy aimed at pushing India’s attempts to become an integral part of global supply chains, as firms look to move production lines out of China following the coronavirus pandemic.

With 1.10 lakh hectares of land available across 12 major ports, New Delhi believes that a port location will make solar equipment manufacturing cost-competitive and will also facilitate exports.

This also is in sync with India’ port-led development strategy to leverage the country’ 7,600km-long coastline...


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