Agni Chatterjee .

How many of you here use quickbooks?

Are there any good Indian alternatives(vocal for local 

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Rithvik Podduturi

ZohoBooks you can get it for free if you have GST number

Agni Chatterjee

Where is the free option:)can you share link ?

Rithvik Podduturi


Sign in to to GST Portal >> Go to Downloads >> Accounting and Billing Software >> Choose Zoho Books and sign up.

Parixit Jayesh Popat


Shreedhar Bhat

Used Cleartax before. Using Quickbooks since 2 years. Will switch to Zoho Books next year.

Avinash Kewlani

Nothing beats Tally in accounting, I have tried all of them, nothing as simple as Tally.

Hemant Singh

Why? I mean what made you switch away and then switch back?

Avinash Kewlani

I started with Zoho and tried other cloud based apps, found it less user friendly. Then switched to Tally after lot of research and feedback from people in my network.
I found Tally pretty simple and easy to use, plus Tally’s data is stored on your system, now they have come up with accessing reports via Web and a remote setup.

Agni Chatterjee

We have used tally offline , cloud tally might be interesting , might give it a shot. My main objective is since my business is mostly online, so we can automate a lot of stuff.

Raghavendra Ganiga

Definitely Zoho is good option, we are using since 5 years now

Abhishek Gupta

Use zoho books. It's good

Agni Chatterjee

Thanks we are giving 30 days shot to both Zoho and quick will update how it goes

Vaarun Bagaria


Tatsat Savsani

Been using zoho.. Gst filing is pretty smooth

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