Rajesh Garg .

Am I the only one who is feeling scammed while purchasing on Alibaba?πŸ€”πŸ€”

I've never purchased on Alibaba before, so I'm giving it a try!

Everyone I contact with questions about product messages back immediately (which makes me think it's a bot) and asks for my WhatsApp number.

Looking at Alibaba's Trade Assurance, it looks like I *must* speak to them on the Alibaba chat for it to kick in, so I'm thinking this WhatsApp thing is just a scam!πŸ˜‘

I've tried giving them a "backup" email address, but they don't seem to ever send anything to it.

Has anyone else experienced it before? Have I just hit a bunch of scammers or is this normal thing?πŸ‘€

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Rob Peck

AliBaba or AliExpress? AliExpress - not since lockdown, but we order all the time. Only had an issue once (product never arrived) and they refunded the money. Product arrived a month later lol (and I did not get charged).

Yatin Aggarwal

I have been using Alibaba ( Pre Lockdown) extensively since 2013 when I was doing my graduation πŸ˜›.

That time I used fedex airship mode.

Pro Tip: dont use wechat to chat with them. And once your all queries are sorted please email them to their official email id only like abc@thatcompany.com and asked for written confirmation via reply to all points discussed previously.

Also you can take help of CHA if any issues persist for documentation or to get local agent to confirm quality in china etc . I dont use alibaba physical inspection services but trust my indian agent to get it done for me at very less price on video call .

Hope it helps

all china company are formed abc ( state name) ltd. like shenzhen, Yiwu. Check with local state company website. Plus check domain registration detail if its recently registered . Thirdly, deal with gold supplier as its paid service only serious business supplier will go ( mostly) and check their years on alibaba the more is better.

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