Abhishek Samant .

TL;DR - Is blogging dead or dying? Opinions?

Hey guys. So I wanted know your opinions on blogging in today's world. When blogs first started, they were 'the' thing to do. Everyone could just open an account and start writing about the thing they liked the most. Now however, things have changed. We have social media now. People can go online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and post about stuff and connect with people. Then we have podcasts, where you can talk about whatever you want. Personally I still read blogs on Photography, Film making and social media marketing but that can't be said about everyone. So I wanted your opinions. Is blogging dead or dying? Or do you think there's still a future there somewhere?

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Bakulesh Rane

GPT - 3

Abhishek Samant

What is that?

Bakulesh Rane

Human Content Creation abled Artificial Intelligence some times even bettter

Anuj Kushwanshi

Blogging has ventured more into professional writing and to somewhat vloging has become the new thing now

Abhishek Samant

yes. I agree. Although there are quite a lot of bloggers that I've come across recently though I've no idea how much traffic they're getting.

Punit Gandhi

Personal opinion: I do enjoy reading blogs sometimes for some relevant info or experience I am searching for, but these days podcasts kind of give more content in short time. So I am shifting to them as well.
But podcast also sometimes have a disadvantage that you don't know when that content would come and you might end up listening to it for 30min, instead of finishing the blog reading in 10 min

Abhishek Samant

Yeah I get your point. I do listen to podacsts specially while travelling. The podcast sector has really grown in recent years.

Shraddha Goyani

Blogging is here to stay .. I prefer to skim quickly through written word than watch a video unless it is a ‘how to’ or ‘motivational speech’

Abhishek Samant

Yes I mean there are still quite a lot of people including myself who are into blogs.

Kshitij Patil


Keyur Savaliya

Blogging will never die..It's like book,those who love reading Books till date buy Books and read books.even if they can afford Kindle

Bharat Garachh

Earlier blogging was like personal diary, now blogging is proffessional

Maadhav Saxena

No blogging is not dying, won't die anytime soon either.

Shriyash Patil

It depends on how the content is being written. And definitely written word consumption is on the rise. As a content writer and a copywriter let me just to give you some examples last month in a survey it was found that newspaper was the most preferred form of news consumption by the audience not video and not audio ! Also the book sales have seen 30% growth in europe. So yeah blogging is definitely on the rise and nowhere near dying.

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