Bhavik Jain .

Much like everything else in the world today, marketing methods have evolved and gone digital!!

Ads promoting businesses and events can be found with ease even by simply launching a web browser.

But with the variety and vast use of digital options, have traditional marketing methods like TV Ads, magazine prints, etc lost effectiveness?🧐

Is it necessary for every business to spend in digital marketing for growth and sales?

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Rajesh Garg

Not every company! Company who wants online presence!

Amit Gollen

what I would do is look at where the eyes are, grab them and then increase sales.

There's still time for TV, radio, print ads to lose effectiveness. There's still demand.

But digital ads are way cheaper right now. So they are the best option in my view.

Covid has surely accelerated digitisation of every business (small or large).

Soon tv, print ads will lose relevance because everyone would be advertising on web. Pricing will reduce drastically.

Hell, it would be pennies. Then what I would do is that I will start advertising on tv and print.

Think about ROI. I believe you get the point where I am going.

Digital ads will have high demand now. Within a few years cost of advertising will increase while on the other side tv and print ads will be available at far less cost.

Until then there's no loss of effectiveness in print and tv ads.

[These are my views. I would like to know yours. Maybe I am chasing the wrong door;)]

Bhavik Jain

Yes the fact that digital ads are cheaper, I completely agree to that part! But TV ads have its significance! And I think most of the people don't have access to Internet as well! So may be traditional is the way to go!

Amit Gollen

I would say... it depends. All the game revolves around the customer.

If your customer watches TV more than he is on his phone, then tv ads are the best option.

Whatever customer needs, we provide, and wherever he needs, we go there.

Devsurabhee Yaduvanshi

As a Marketing professional, I would say that going solely for digital marketing methods is not advisable all the time. There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind.

Firstly, building an effective, cohesive and coherent brand requires a good mix of ATL (Above The Line), BTL (Below The Line) and TTL (Through The Line) strategies, depending on the nature of the product/service being sold. Digital Marketing falls into the category of TTL. TV adverts fall into the category of ATL and Events fall into BTL.

Secondly, the budget constraints of the business have to be kept in mind. Some of the methods mentioned here, e.g. TV advertisements, is a very cost heavy method. Not every business can afford it. Therefore, digital marketing with its cost effective nature can seem like the go to option at all times, when the attention can be focused on other areas as well. This again changes from case to case, but there needs to be a veritable branding and communications strategy at hand for any online promotion to work.

Lastly, I personally feel, no matter what, the strongest push for any brand is word of mouth. It's immutable. A recommendation from someone you know and trust. That's why, no matter which method(s) is/are used, it/they should all work towards building confidence and dependability of a brand among the target audience, and that requires looking at the larger picture of the brand and how it should be perceived effectively.

A prime example of the type of businesses that shouldn't extensively or solely invest in digital marketing are B2B.

These are my views alone, and I hope I've addressed the questions of this post.

Bhavik Jain

Thanks for the detailed info!! Yes you have said right both of them have their own importance!

Devsurabhee Yaduvanshi

pleasure, I hope the information has helped.

Indeed, every business is a unique case, and should have their own optimised marketing plans which include multiple, suitable methods.

Krishna Arora

Devsurabhee Yaduvanshi Wow such a brilliant answer! Super duper detailed! Thanks for this.
I gained extraordinary insights from this.

Kapil Agarwal


Suraj Kumar

A coin has two sides, it's not necessary for every business to invest in digital marketing. in India, there are few areas without the internet. if a company want to grow in a rural area then they no need to spend on DM but if their audience is on the internet or there is internet facility in the village then definitely they have to invest

Krishna Arora

Depends on the business.
But most likely yes.
The idea is to go where customers are present since customers are purely online these days you have to be there too.

Sakthivel Pannerselvam

Big brands still use ATL marketing as their medium! They also have started to spend equally on digital marketing!

Digital marketing can be measured & also can be targeted to the specific audience!

Abhishek Samant

Well yes. I would say ideally. Although how much money a company can spend on digital marketing is very subjective. You see if you have a good product or a service, then you should market it and in today's world, the internet is the fastest way to spread the word. I understand that word of mouth does work, but for obvious reasons it takes time. And digital marketing doesn't just mean an online presence. You can actually grow your customer base and get a lot of business if you use the internet the right way. Just my two cents.

Kapil Agarwal

Traditional marketing is equally effective and will never die...the only thing digital is more used becoz its cheaper. Billbourds, TV, Radio stay..cant comment on newspaper though

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