Giri Thiyagarajan .

Is it legal to freelance in Upwork, Fiverr when someone is already working full time? Just wanted to know from people who are freelancing along with main work so that they can quit main job down and survive with freelancing when they are bootstrapping.

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Ajay Mallareddy

 This isn't a question of law. It depends on what your employment contract with your employer states. If you are not sure, check with your HR

Ananya Banerjee

Depends on the employment agreement. If it clearly states that additional work is not allowed, then it is not.

Sumit Saha

I think freelancing should be fine unless it violates working with clients who are also your company's clients!This clause is by default called conflict of interest.As far as freelancing goes, you should be in the clear because you are working individually and not bound by any contract with other hiring company.The easy thing is, just don't tell anyone from your current company about your other sources of income😜

Giri Thiyagarajan

Got it..many ppl do it offline which doesn't get logged anywhere😅just asked since I was curious how other ppl build up their freelancing portfolio when they are in main job

Sumit Saha

word of advice. I know it's very rookie mistake but I have made it once and I learnt my lesson.

ALWAYS ALWAYS make a contract with your client entailing how many months you will work and the work items!
People tend to exploit your good relations just to get extra work done and not pay for it. Everything you do has to be decided and in written signature before you accept any freelance work🙌

Giri Thiyagarajan

Correct .. hank you, Sumit for taking the time and stressing this out👍you were freelancing through offline connections and word of mouth ?

Sumit Saha

yeah pretty much. People don't really trust freelancers unless you are introduced by someone.

Siddharth Harawat

Check your agreement as said earlier.But don't work with someone in a similar space. That maybe a competition to your employer Ahead.

Giri Thiyagarajan

Same space in sense ? Because for ex if someone is employed as a digital marketer he should not be doing digital marketing as freelancing in side ?

Siddharth Harawat

No, I mean:
If you're employed with a bank, then don't freelance with another bank. Or preferably even someone in a similar BFSI space.

Giri Thiyagarajan

Got it ..It can be same profession but not same client business or client competitor business.

Rahul Singh Bhadoriya

Interesting question.

Let's discuss first why freelancing with a job can be an issue and why big agencies asks their employees to not do it.

1. Value

For any employer, every employee hired brings a skill to the table and that skill is used by the employer, simple old fashioned working style.

Now as designers, it's not about how many hours I put for my company, it's about the creativity I bring to the table. Sometimes I can design a. Thing in 10 minutes which will be more creative than something which I designed in two hours.

If I'll give you an example, if you hire a runner to run for you and he can only run for 4 hours, now if he runs two hours for himself, he won't be able to run for another four hour for his employer.

As a. Creative guy, I can be 100% creative in the starting two hours but as the time goes my mind gets tired and I became less creative because my mind is tired and not working on full Capacity.

So. Freelance is good when done after full time job.

If you do it before, it can be an issue for the employer

Giri Thiyagarajan

 Valid. But bit confusing on the before and after part? Can you brief on what you are saying exactly

Rahul Singh Bhadoriya

  sure Giri, As a designer, my creative thinking is what I am providing to my employer, right?

If I start the day for working on my own project (freelance). Now I have less to provide to my employer.

For. Example, If my capacity is 8 hours of creative work

I start the day work on my freelance project for two hours, now I only have 6 hours to use for my employer, while he is paying me for my 8 hours

Giri Thiyagarajan

Thank you Rahul, it makes very much sense.. to all professions related to art, creativity.. But on other hand for skilled persons in IT it will be a mere logic application which will be straightforward for him considering his work experience.

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