Akshay Borate .

“Is it necessary to do a job before starting a business?”

I used to ask this question to known people after my graduation.

Also, I did research on the Internet.

And the most common answer I received was, “ Yes, it’s necessary!”.

But, wait. I didn’t want to do a job.

Hence, I was looking for some “smart” solutions.

I was thinking, I will make them wrong.

It’s possible to start a business without experience.

And there are few people too who back up this view.

But soon I realized that I needed to do a job.

So I worked for 15 months. (3 months internship + 1 year job)

I didn’t have any senior to mentor me.

But I took it positively and utilized that freedom.

Boss was also good. He backup me up.

Today when I look back, I feel doing a job was the best decision I have ever taken in my life.

We can learn technical things from YouTube.

But doing a job teaches us how things work in real life.

Also, it improves decision-making ability.

So, now if anybody ask me the above question, I will definitely recommend him to do a job before starting a business.

It is surely helpful.

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Vishal Dahiya

I ask this question to myself, almost everyday.
I did my schooling and 2 years of film school. And right after that, I was working on my own.

I always wondered how would it feel to have regular paychecks and not every decision about life and death of a dream.

Amit Baliga

There is at least one positive thing of a job before business - you learn at others' expense!

Akshay Borate 


Piyush Soni

 Yes thats true and starting your job related to the field in which you want to succeed helps!!!

Jyotirmay Saha

There are pros and Cons... You network build up savings in a job... But the terror of leaving a secure job, a stable schedule and paycheck to work with little to no certainty, fending for yourself, can only be felt First-Hand, and only a few can push throug

Piyush Soni

Truely said!! Only the terror of not succeeding is holding people back!!

Shivam Malhotra

it makes you lazy - thats what I've seen with my friends who left a job to startup (I've never had a job so always ready to hustle). Job is safe and secure game, no matter what happens you get paid on 1st and when you startup, there's hardly any revenue for 6-12 months (infact you end up taking money out) and most people lose their shit after a few months.I'm fine with not earning anything for 2-3 months but most people who were once an employee go crazy!

Amit Baliga

Those people who become employees with a vision of learning some skills within a time frame and then jumping ship to be an entrepreneur, they would do it very well. Issues happen when an employee force-fits to be an entrepreneur!

Shivam Malhotra

but who really thinks that way? Those who want to become an entrepreneur take a job most of the times because of the safety net or family pressure.There are very few people who are able to say no to the attractive job salary & parental pressure in India (I'm one of those who even said no to a B school).I've friends who would've become great entrepreneurs but they couldn't say no and are now stuck and I know they'll stay stuck.

Once you enter the MBA or job trap,hardly anyone comes out of it to do a startup.My father did and he failed (not the same success compared to his corporate career) and went back to join a new company at a 25% - 40% pay cut after 2.5 years.

I sometimes wonder why leave a comfortable job and start the hustle in your 30's and 40's when you've got kids to raise and bills to pay.What do you think? I don't think easy to forget making any money for 12-18 months when you've got responsibilities.

Shivam Malhotra 

And my views are specifically for non IIT IIM guys.They'll make a killing once they leave a job (most of the times) because of the ecosystem here which gives them undue advatange 😛

Amit Baliga

 that's one aspect. Have seen quite a few people, especially in digital marketing, who see value in the field they are in the job and side-hustle first. Soon after that start up. But yes, there are many others who get caught in the safety net and are almost never able to fly out.

Shivam Malhotra

I was actually talking of the conventional jobs which are separate from development/digital marketing.

People who are into sales,audit,consulting,marketing,advertising,etc. and these guys get a 6 figure monthly salary after 5-7 years of work exp or an MBA.

Those who are into digital marketing mostly make 20K-50K a month I believe in a job and most of them are under 30 so they making a play into freelancing makes sense (again I wont call them entrepreneurs yet) but I sometimes feel scared about the future of this industry.DM guys might become the next engineers,every guy on the street calls himself a digital marketer today and with that high a supply (its growing as we speak) the sector is bound to take a fall.

Jigyanshu Mohapatra

To be honest I'm working as a intern as a business development profile from last 5 months and I have learned alot which I would haven't understood without a job.. guys I understand we in courage to start early but remember to sharp your skill to get good results in your startup. Atlest once experience doing job in your field and remember to not stuck in the system quit when u think you are prepared and give your best shot..

Siddartha Khetan

It depends on individual to individual.

But my personal belief is that we must do minimum 2 yr job.

Expose ourselves in worst of condition.

Because then only you can understand what your employees desire.

So, as an entrepreneur it will be much easier to manage the team and scale the business uo

Shivam Malhotra

even if youve started a business already then also a person should go and do a job? There are no hard and fast rules.

Siddartha Khetan

I never said there is any hard and fast rules.

I've mentioned it depends on individual to individual

What I said is just my POV.

Nothing else.🙂

Shivam Malhotra

oh sorry,missed the first line.

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