Gaurav Mittal .

Today facebook has 3% organic reach and insta has 7%.

Do you think it is worth it to invest time in building your Facebook page and insta profile?

Do you get sales out of your profiles on these platforms?

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Ra Ghu

You have answered your own question, 3% and 7% organic reach is pathetic, You need the profile for the other 97% and 93% when they come back to your profile to verify

Gaurav Mittal

didnt get you. If I post a new offering, only 3 and 7% of my audience will get it. Isn't it? So what is the point

Ra Ghu

that is true if you only doing the organic way, but why would you do only organic? if your ROI is much higher in paid offering? and if only organic then you know the rates are pathetic anyway

Gaurav Mittal

yeah. That is exactly the point. If I put an effort in building audience and have maybe 100,000 like and 200,0000 followers on fb and insta, it takes time and effort. Is the ROI to do that justified is my question

Ankit Jha

Don't waste time in getting followers and likes, invest time in making the page look better because paid ads also gets people to see your page

Marvyn LP

My advertising goal has been lead generation rather than engagement on my page. I've found the ad spend on those campaigns gives me significantly better ROI

Chinmoy Hazarika

1. Build up an audience list

2. Engage the list with content and activities

3. Provide the link your page/group in your emails or messages.

4. Automate the process.

5. Rinse and repeat.

Gaurav Mittal

you can do that. But what metrics track the success of this process?

Chinmoy Hazarika

Metric-wise, I would think 1-3% conversion is the norm for cold audiences.
A well-targeted audience list with good relevance and good intent should go to about 30% conversion.
The audience intent and the audience relevance are very important.

Govind Chandak

Not sure if it gives sales to everyone but organic channels help to improve your conversion rates!

Gaurav Mittal

the question is this only. I will invest almost a few lakhs in generating 100,000 likes on FB page. Is this investment worth it?

When the platform restricts my organic reach to 3%

Govind Chandak

anyways it's free so nothing to complain much!

Gaurav Mittal

It is not free dude. That is the entire point

Upasya Goswami

Credibility more than anything else is the reason to focus on social media platforms. Brand gets built here through collective opinions. It is a cycle Of creating customers that should not be ignored.

Faisal Zia Anwer

Very much important to acquire customers on as many channels as possible

Gaurav Mittal

any roi analysis of this effort?

Faisal Zia Anwer

tons man. I have an ROI agency so yeah we got analysis

Gaurav Mittal

great! Will be grateful if you can share 1 or 2 of them

Faisal Zia Anwer

on an average for a prospect to become a customer they need between 7 to 13 touchpoints

From email to SMS to ads to organic social. I don't focus much on organic audience, I prefer paid marketing to get sales, along with followers and majorly an email list.

Fb pages are irrelevant at the time, but do lend a hand I building business legitimacy (in both B2B and B2C) too.

But the main reason I love having an audience is because fb ads allow me to retarget all those who have engaged with my IG and fb page. Having organic followers brings CPMs down for this audience. I have see anything between 4 to 13X ROAS on this audience for my ads

Gaurav Mittal


Let me reflect back in it and come with any question I have

Bharat Garachh

3 year ago, I have got 500 shares in 1 post, with 5000 followers

When I checked that post after 1 year, it was showing only 15

Facebook says that do only paid otherwise theire algorithm will decrease your engagement

Abhijeet Dhanraj

I think fb and insta can give you business if you properly plan and go with paid promotions. Organic reach is limited. Paid is not.

Gaurav Mittal

exactly. So does that mean that building a followership is farce?

Abhijeet Dhanraj

not really. Having a good number of followers is motivating to keep engaged to some extent but expecting a business from the organic reach is a dare.

Gaurav Mittal

my question still remains. Building audience take a shit load if money. Is it worth it to spend those dollars in building something which is not yielding any ROI.

If building your page comes as a brand building exercise, that is a separate mindset all together

Abhijeet Dhanraj

I slightly disagree with you that building followers seek a loads of money. If you keep posting quality content using basic SEO practices like tagging people, places, keywords, etc, you can still build a bunch of followers. We increases our follower base to around 2k without spending a single rupees. Of course, it seeks a lot of efforts but that is better than spending money. Quality Content will fetch organic audience.

Abhijeet Vibhandik

On the other hand, I think, before a customer is making a decision on buying, the number of followers definitely adds a trust factor to the customer which is an important thing in the customer journey.

Gaurav Mittal

makes sense. That means it is a brand building exercise and ROI calculations has to be on long term basis

Amboriish N

youtube for organic, fb/insta for paid lead gen

Varun Surana

organic is good to maintain page without expectations of sales... its purely branding exercise. for sales invest on killer paid ads

Nahush Gulawani

I had read somewhere organich reach is not for sales and paid marketing is not for brand building!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Zain Siddiqui

Stop looking at these useless numbers. Think how many real people, your potential customers are on these platforms and how many have you connected with?

Kshitij Patil

It's an open ended question if you think about it.

The real question is, what is it that you want to achieve from your Social Media Presence?

The answers are many and so are the corresponding solutions.

Ads chalani hai, toh content to lagega legitimacy ke liye.

Community build Karni hai, toh group bhi banana padega (with active management)

Logon ka data chahiye? Fir bhi page dhang ka lagega.

Gireesh Likhyani

Depends on your hunger

How hungry are you right now vs For how long you can stay in the Game

If you want everything NOW then paid marketing is the way to go

If you want to stay in the long game, then it's a mix of both!

Siddharth Sehra

In my opinion, we use social platforms as a communication channel between us & our prospects.

We hardly put up content which looks like selling.

Our main idea behind any social postings are to build a brand.

Gaurav Mittal

I think communication also becomes an issue as whatever we try to communicate through our page, only 3% will get it

Siddharth Sehra

I agree, so you need to make great content buckets keeping in mind your TG. Let it grow organically.

If you content is engaging, then for sure you'll have a great social presence.

If I have to define it in 1 line, the idea behind having a social page is to build a loyal following which interacts with your content.

I don't believe in selling on social media.

Gaurav Mittal

great. Thanks for putting your perspective.

One question. When you say loyal following, are these guys coming to your page to consume your content?

Srimathi Rajeshwari Kumaraswamy

Yes 6 yrs back I spent lots of time and got 13 k followers now my facebook page is useless

Shivam Malhotra

Which facebook page is getting 3% organic reach? The algo has put the reach down to less than 1%

Gaurav Mittal

just posted a ballpark. Maybe it is less than 1%. The intend was to point out that it is f**king low

Shivam Malhotra

it is! Started DU Express in 2015 and 3% used to give crazy reach back then but now we've to depend on virality of content.

Divyanshu Dubey

It's not a right approach to deal with social media. Yes numbers matter!

But let's do a quick comparison - Diljit's new song has gained about 18-20Lakh views in a couple of days, while Baddhah's song Pagal had gained over 75Million views in less than hours!

And you know the outcomes!!

Likewise, there are many sellers on Etsy who are doing great numbers of revenue and they failed miserably on Amazon which is one of the largest social media platforms.

While it's true that decreased organic growth is likely to hamper growth of most pages having medicore content, but guess what only the best content should survive.

There are lot of pages still making the most out of fb.

So, short answer is that outcomes depends to a greater extent on approach!

Gaurav Mittal

this answer makes things more confusing. Can you clarify? Are you suggesting that if don't right, there can be organic reach in double digits?

Suneil Barsaiyan

The core of Facebook algorithms is "Friends and Family" and hence it prioritzes posts from individual profiles than that from the pages. For businesses, the only way to getting higher reach is through advertising.

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar

Today you are getting loan rate at 7% for collateralised loan, 10.5% from a government bank ,11.25% from a private bank, 15% from a fintech, 18% from a NBFC, 20% from a neobank, 35% from a good credit card, 45% from a bad credit card, and 100% from your local loan shark.

Do you want the money or not?

ROI and cost are relative numbers to availability of options, not absolute.

Seemant Mullick

You have to go deeper, in Facebook the real game is Community Building & Management (see the example of Pushstart this platform only :D ) and in instagram it's the Influencer Marketing, for sales invest in smart paid ads ;)

Dipanshu Rawal

I once got 13 upvotes on one of my quora answers, and 1 of those got ended up in 30k sales within 1 week.

So. Depends on you product price too.

Sibendra Mallick

Gather mails and run ur own..

Re-Marketing ,fb pixels and google analytics.

Also not bad.

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