Rajesh Garg .

Hey Pushstarters!

Is anyone using Jiomeet nowadays?

If yes, then;

  1. What is your experience with the app?
  2. What all good features it is providing with its paid plan?

Is it a perfect alternative for Zoom?

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Agni Chatterjee

Google meet is the best

Jeet Parekh

Agni Chatterjee cant record. Zoom is best

Agni Chatterjee

turn a screen recorder :https://www.freescreenrecording.com/cam-pro

Google has CDN networks in India , for a free alternative nothing beats that.

Arbab Usmani

Till now I find Google meet best

Harshala Chavan

I prefer google meets

Bharat Garachh

My child using Google meet for school

Preeti Singh Chauhan

Are koi try to karo bhai? Google sab kar leta hai pata hai🙄

Rajesh Garg

Have you tried it? Any good or bad experiences?

Preeti Singh Chauhan

Yes, I downloaded it on iOS. Tried registering for a good 15 minutes. Entered all info possible but the OTP never came. Tried quite a few times.

In the meanwhile, we are busy developing our own video meeting platform named Waarta. The web version is up and running. Work ongoing on the phone and app.

Somansh Gaur

I tried it once but immediately had to switch the meeting to Google meet as there was a voice issue.

The desktop app is super irritating. It keeps popping up for no reason.

Rajesh Garg

O is the overall interface is same as zoom?

Somansh Gaur

more or less it's the same

Rajesh Garg

Ok apart from voice issues any other issues you felt?

Somansh Gaur

I think only the voice issue was a major setback. The app was just not very responsive which I could have ignored but the voice issue forces us to leave the app within two minutes.

Khushbu Davda

Have you checked Airmeet?

Albert Nam

have used for my firm quite a few times, air meet is awesome:D

Abhirath Shah

Using Cisco WebEx ! It's a great app, and makes you feel more professional.

Otherwise Google Meet - nothing beats that.

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Google meet, nothing else.

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