Ansha Dixit .

Mind your words on LinkedIn! They might just block you!🤯🤯

Sounds scary in a world that believes in freedom of speech, right?!

Recently Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, Managing Partner at Malpani Ventures was BLOCKED by Linkedin for criticising malpractices of Online learning platform Byju's. 🧐


Should you keep quiet and allow #LinkedIn to bully us? Today, it's me they have kicked out under pressure from #Byju's. It may be your turn tomorrow! If LinkedIn survives on User Generated Content, shouldn't users have a say in what they are allowed to do and what they aren't. They have just flushed 10 years of my work down the drain

The reason I speak up against malpractices is because I am a concerned #citizen. If senior citizens like me don't open our mouths, then who will? Yes, it's much easier to keep quiet, but it's the future of our next generation which is at stake here

I would like you to do me a favour. Please complain to #LinkedIn that their action in deleting my account without hearing my side is unfair, arbitrary and opaque. It infringes on our #constitutional right to #freespeech. We cannot allow a US company to bully and intimidate #Indian #citizens like this.

However, coming to a decision without actually knowing what was written/said would be foolish!😟

Let's see what Dr Malapani had to say about Byju's and why he said it.

Read everything here: https://www.indianangel.in/?s=Byju

What do you Pushstarters feel about this situation?

Was LinkedIn's move to block Dr. Malpani unjustified and unfair?😫


As a professional platform, LinkedIn was right to stop Byju's defamation by blocking him?

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Leelasaidev Boddu Guru

RIP Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thoughts

Ansha Dixit

How does one differentiate between freedom of speech and malice though?

Verbal bullying or defamation some might say

Rajesh Garg

Seriously, is this what freedom of speech is! Did not expected this from Linked in

Ansha Dixit

I dont know what Linkedin did was right or wrong.. do whatever you want with your platform but always give a justification!

Manish Chauhan

Linkedin would have been on the hook for much severe penalties if Byju's dragged them into a defamation case. It played safe by banning Dr. Instead.

As much as I support freedom of speech, and oppose his wholesale ban, Dr. Malpani did cross the line and came across as someone who had an axe to grind with Byju's. I have read all his posts and he posted controversial views regularly to boost engagement. His posts offlate were less about logic, loaded with agenda and not in line with his 'concerned citizen' pitch that he oft repeats. His posts about COVID were also pretty nonsensical (and if I may add irresponsible) primarily aimed at boosting his engagement rates.

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

#saynotolinkedin we need a desi version

Abhishek Kaushik

This is a very tough call, he regularly posted about BYJUs, I mean every other day, it slowly became difficult to distinguish whether it was calling them out for their malpractices or consistent rant.

A senior person from BYJUs had even issued a clarification to him that they will take care of it.

I am not sure what happened post it, but he continued to post against BYJUs.

IMO I don't like BYJUs either, but continuously posting about them ruins their brand image too without giving them a chance to improve.

Ansha Dixit

but what Linkedin did was justified?

Abhishek Kaushik

as I said, I think it's a tough call, rather a grey zone to comment about their decision. Defamation with such huge follower base is indeed not good either.

Shikar Sharma

This is not all accepted! Everyone has a right to criticise the things they want to! If he is not happy with some bad practices going on, he or she has right to raise voice!

Deepak Singh

May be he has taken it too far!! Criticism should not convert into hatred!!

Amit Baliga

Quite possible that Byju's pulled some strings to get this done!

Ansha Dixit

Hmmm if that’s the truth! LinkedIn is a more shitty platform than i thought

Amit Baliga

that's everywhere. No brand here is for social service or serve anyone ethically. They are all to mint money. Easy to ban someone citing loopholes in the terms one agreed while signing up than get dragged into a legal case. One may also say, as others have mentioned, that freedom of speech cannot be a hate campaign. Plus LI is far more easy on these compared to FB or Twitter!

Nalin Savara

Ansha Dixit ultimately the owner of LinkedIn also owns a venture capital firm and probably he also may at some time want to invest in byju

Amit Baliga

Ansha Dixit and am very sure - AM knew that sooner or later either he would be slapped with a defamation notice or his social posts would be flagged. If he is really, really concerned that Byju's is spoiling the educational culture and keen to call out Byju's bluff, he should file a PIL citing the incorrect practices and take it the legal way than post socially to get engagement.

Nalin Savara

Ansha Dixit but I don't think they would have expected a backlash like this

In USA many people mind their own business but in India many many like us would comment and discuss it

Now if someone asks a few anonymous quora questions about this - then even at the time of LinkedIn India CEO's next annual appraisal the topi and discussion will be active and LinkedIn will have reason to regret this move and also reason to write policies that forbid such moves in future

Amit Baliga

Imagine if tomorrow someone says Jio shouldn't have given free or cheap internet because it is causes more unemployment or reducing efficiency of workforce or someone rants against Uber for their shitty culture! These will keep on happening, course corrections would happen and life goes on!

Shivam Malhotra

Ansha Dixit they all are and they show that side whenever they want!

Piyush Soni

To be honest I am also somewhat confused here! As far as rights are concerned, this is a kill for Freedom of Speech and expression.

Starke Frau

I saw his post and today only saw his tweet about same.
Whatever he raised point and exposed about Byjus was true at some extent.
I saw many post from employees too posting from UP zone about cruel side of Byjus .
He claimed facts and wrote everything without any fear .

Linkedin should not snatch this right from user instead of that they shuld block people who upload shitty #saree challangekinda,wedding post nd personal stuff.

Mr.Malpani and Byjus could have settled down internally.

Piyush Soni

Yeah rightly said, I had only seen criticism in his posts. Linked in had taken it to some other level

Starke Frau

Byju's could have replied to him on his post in calm manner .Organization should possess quality to handle success and critics both.

Aditya Raja

What to speak, when to speak, where to speak!

I have seen him trying to go head on against big guns.

But I had one observation which I could not understand:

He already copied his posts and posted in his new website. Was he already knowing that he will be banned?

Gradually, he started ranting on politics and heightened the BYJU rhetoric when he was getting clear signals that Facebookification of LinkedIn might bring traction but also a lot of criticism. If so was this a staged event?

Piyush Soni

May be as a proof he has taken them with him!

Aditya Raja

do you feel something strange? I sense

Ansha Dixit

I think there was some legalities involved before this block.. and byju lost that.

Pankaj Mazumder

This person a while ago was writing in LinkedIn to lift up lockdown 1.0 and follow the Sweden model but the Sweden model failed.
Probably his investment was going down due to lockdown so he was repeatedly posting to lift up Lockdown


Bhavik Jain

I say it is wrong, it didn't broke any guidelines and this just shows that some companies can easily control LinkedIn and can make it a habit to block all who speak against those companies

Amar S

It's retarded. Unfair of LinkedIn. He was writing whatever was his opinion, wasn't abusive or uncouth. He wrote useful posts also. It just shows the power these platforms have over your content.

Piyush Soni

May be ita the power of Byjus that made them take this step!! No one really knows!

Amar S

Perhaps. But the call was taken by LinkedIn

Nikhil Jain

Paise Fenko aur Tamasha banado logon ka!

Saw a whatsapp forward-
LinkedIn to PimpedIn
When platform control user's freedom

Faisal Zia Anwer

any kind of community works that way. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook as a platform, fb groups, sub reddits. If it ain't yours, you have to follow some rules.

Abhinav Sankar

Its sad to see this, that a platform like LinkedIn simply deleted a person's account without giving him/her a chance to explain or verify the facts

They call themselves a network for professionals🤣lol.

A company/person cannot make everyone happy- in case they shush the haters like this- Man they got something to hide!

If one has nothing to hide, the attitude will simply be "Haters gonna Hate"

Aditya Soni

I was following him from quite some time on Linkedin though. He was writing his opinion and expressing his views about Byju. He was right in many aspects and may be wrong in some. But it didn't mean that you block his account due to it. This was wrongon Linkedin part as he was not spreading any hate speeches nor doing anything wrong. He was just expressing his views, if you don't find them useful then just ignore but looks like Byjy is using its multi-billion-dollar status very well.

Saurav Chirania

BYJU's seems to be in a very powerful position right now in controlling content on social media platforms. I know someone who uploaded a video against BYJU's on YouTube and shared the link on Reddit. YouTube removed his video without giving a proper reason. He then uploaded his video on dropbox and shared the link on his Reddit post. And tweeted the same video. The next day, his twitter account was suspended and Reddit post was deleted by Reddit staff.

Aditi Chadha

he shoudl SUE

Manish Chauhan

Nothing will come out of it. Linkedin's TOC give them sweeping powers to regulate content and membership.

Aditi Chadha

doesnt matter. you can still SUE. T&C can be contested in the court esp since its 10 yrs of doctor's hard work.

in US courts

Amit Baliga

Aditi Chadha don't you think LI would have thought all what he can do before taking this decision?

Aditi Chadha

They dont expect a regular person to SUE.

they can block 1 million people and 1 would SUE. so it works out in terms of cost benefit

Amit Baliga

IMO LI would have thought of everything before they took this decision.

Aditi Chadha

Amit....i can empathize where you are coming from....but its different when you file suits......because the probability of filing is so low that companies get away with stuff....my friend recently settled with a huge firm in the US for $50K. He could have pressed for more, but he didn't. They didn't expect him to file for wrongdoings but he did and he won. They have a huge legal counsel and would have thought through but in reality it worked out differently and my friend had to sign an NDA that he cant talk about what happened in lieu of 50K to keep his mouth shut. Again, I said file in the US not in India. In India poor man will have to wait for years and years. Within the US this can be a fast thing.

Amit Baliga

Got it! But do you believe someone should be allowed to continuously rant, may be defame against the alleged incorrect practices of a company time and again on a professional platform? That too when the entire industry and many others, do the same. Isthis kind of behaviour okay? Because today it was Byju's, tomorrow it can be a 'witch-hunt' against any brand. Should he not have approached the courts via PIL if he was genuinely concerned, like Subramaniam Swamy does?

Aditi Chadha

Amit Baliga yes you are right on that for sure. PIL would have been the right thing to do but it was easier for him to rant on LI. People do things that are easier as you know. But was he defaming or saying the truth? If he was saying the truth did hepost any documentation to substantiate his claim? If not, then its wrong what he did. Or he should have added the warning that its his personal opinion based on his personal use. LinkedIn can ban him temporarily and tell him to STOP. but banning him permanently is also not right

Amit Baliga

Aditi Chadha the ban would depend on LI's policies and T&C, right? They might have already warned him few times before blocking. We don't know that! And even if it's a personal opinion, why would a professional platform want to be a part of such a potential mess?

Amit Baliga

There are some references here which may be invoked -https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/89880

Ajay Mallareddy

I've been following his posts and he is a very sensible chap

Ra Ghu

Guys please read LinkedIn's policy before you speak of taking action, all said and done it is a private company and they are profit oriented

Aniruddha Malpani

Yes, but users have rights too, don't they?

Ra Ghu

No, you are bound by their terms on their platform, I can't come to your house and exercise my style of living, would you allow it? LinkedIn is not blocking you on your website is it?

Mansi Rastogi

Generally I think LinkedIn bans an account if it's been flagged by users too many times. I don't know this person or his posts but if he's pissing people off its possible that his account got reported. Was it right or not is a matter of perspective.

Avish Hakani

That's exactly what's happened. Get this, he is running a VC fund himself, would he raise voice against the companies he and his venture has invested in?

Also, he says the most insensible things. There are far better people to follow outthere in the world. But no, we will only follow people who will comfort our views or entertain us.

He has pissed so many people off over the Years with a lot of unfair statements but no one will point it out. It's the same logic people are trying to apply on how LinkedIn is acting unfair. Lol

Sooraj Kumar R

Mansi Rastogi got it right. This is what has happened. LinkedIn isn't policing accounts. They'll also already have an appealing mechanism wherein the affected user can appeal to be allowed back into the platform. At this point, LinkedIn will do a manual review and decide. This is common practice pretty much everywhere.

Aniruddha Malpani

Sadly, this is not what they have done this time. Blocked my account and aren't allowing me to appeal

Mansi Rastogi

Judging from the comments below in this post, people willingly blocked you. Looks like there's a gap between your perception of the reason you were blocked and the actual reason.

Avish Hakani

Real question to ask is (and I am obviously not taking the side of Byju's here, I have nothing to do with them):

1. Why do we not see Mr. Malpani criticising startups he has invested in or his company has invested in?

2. If he was an investor in Byju's and came to know about those 'malpractices', would he have withdrawn his funds or raised his voice then?

Dipankar Dutta

I differ slightly on this. We generally tick that condition and accept that the platform's judgement is supreme, and we will abide by the policies, whatever they are.
Unless they violate any law, and they are privately owned and can have their policies, not much can be done.
Fairness is decided in court, not on Facebook.
In life, fair play trophy is not always what everyone desires.

Aniruddha Malpani

That doesn't mean we accept unfair and one sided terms and conditions. Platforms need users as much as users need platforms

Zain Siddiqui

I have seen some of his posts. He was very clearly trying to capitalize on few bad conversations between sales managers at Byju and increasing his own engagement. It did not have to be made so big deal. Maybe create one or two posts about the incidentbut he started using it to create a campaign against Byju. Anyone can do that kind of campaign against any other company in that case. Sales teams do tend to get aggressive sometimes.

Banning the profile is a strict step by LinkedIn since it wasn't as if he was sharing pornography but yeah, it was unnecessary defamation of the company for sure. As if the CEO himself had given the memo to give abuses to sales managers.

Concern ye nai hai ke unhone kuch galat kia. Concern ye hai ki there are worse things happening on LinkedIn and there is no uniformity when it comes to taking action on platforms end. Tomm it could be me or you.

Aniruddha Malpani

that is exactly why we should all raise our voice collectively, so we aren't treated as powerless pawns

Vartika Gupta

Exactly. I used to like the content, but after a point it pivoted to Byju’s thrashing ONLY. The sudden shift in focus was definitely questionable as the company has been around for years. I’m a nobody and knew about these practices over 2 years ago. I’m sure Sir must’ve been aware of this way earlier.

Don’t deny the intentions, coming from a good place, ecosystem awareness and such, but it did go overboard.

It’s very likely Byju’s would’ve internally held a campaign for reporting the account, forcing LinkedIn to delete it. It could be also be a power play , we’ll never know.

But appealing should’ve been allowed. The engagement, acquisition, help and community he’s provided to the platform >>> LinkedIn trying to build it. I hope his content and account is revived. If we can somehow appeal, raise a request, do let us know./

P.S.: Quora is famous for deleting accounts that do not adhere to its guidelines. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Top Writer. They’ll delete you.

Chirag M

I would say..if Linkedin a network of professionals could not digest a healthy point of view discussion or if it keeps suppressing professionals from sharing their thought on something then it will fail sooner or later. I feel it was unfair to block Dr. Saheb.

Sazi Suber

I have always maintained byjus is nothing different and has lot of potential but instead is doing nothing differently from regular tuitions

i don’t know what I can contribute as it looks like Aniruddha Malpani has detailed* articles on them.
My views come from my plans for my own edu-tech startup and checking what they were doing in comparison... so I am maybe biased in that regard.

Harsh Modi

Most of the stuff he said was right. Speaking from a personal experience too. And I hope that all those who abused him were also blocked.
Dr. Malpanis posts are not some off the way rant. They are well articulated. It is sad that he was forced to take such an action by a professional networking platform.

Sandeep M. Naik

This seems like a targeted rant against Byjus. Most of his points are valid and I completely endorse his views of Byjus. The Ken article on Byju where several banks are staring at NPAs of over 1500cr because they participated in Emi schemes of Byjus which parents refuse to pay is another proof of this scam. I too have been a target of this where without permission from parents, they conduct tests in schools, use our contact information to make targeted calls and also get a performance score card of every student. This is blatant violation of privacy laws. Mr. Malpani has every right to voice hiis concerns and Byjus has every right to respond with facts. Using marketing and adspend clout to silence critics is dangerous trend on social media.

Jeet Parekh

I really dont think BYJU could have influenced the decision to ban, but many people reported it to linkedin and hence the profile was banned.

Giri Malpani

He has been in the business of speaking his mind for over last 20 years now since he got his hands on LinkedIn ?

Does it surprise you that it was the first time when people felt offended or reported him ?

It could be possible. But, I'm making a premise on first principle basis. Not saying what he did was right or wrong but he deserved to be given a chance to be heard at the least.

Jeet Parekh

What i am saying is Linkedin or any platform wont listen to any company unless it is soverign authority.

Yes i am not denying what happened is good, it is ofcourse violation of freedom of speech.

Deb Rishi

Anirudh Malpani was hostile and turned disrespectful to the professionals over linkedin. I was part of that day's discussion. He was publically abusing me and everyone else. He doesn't have the stomach to even reply to anyone who is even questioning his ideology. He was abusing his connections (even count me as a loyalist) left right and centre. HE WAS DEROGATORY IN EVERY SENSE.

Connections started reporting him to Linkedin and he soon got evicted permanently.

Now he is having a new profile with portraying only his IVF clinic.

For years he portrayed himself as a know it all for Startups and ventures and capitalised on that virtual bubble, let me tell you, a thousand people will report him again if he misses the basic of all networking - being amicable.

-my fair bit

NOTE: the fatal post that caused him doom was about lockdown

Amboriish N

Malpani G is entitled to his views! he can bash any company as much as he wants! LinkedIn banning him really made Linkedin the villain! anyway Twitter is way better to communicate and connect with professional! LinkedIn is all Instagram for Professionals

Soham Sarkar

Unfortunately, freedom of speech does not exist on tech platforms. They operate without any accountability and protect people they want and enforce rules on one side. This is true for all the tech platforms. Their ToS is so vague they can ban you or block you for whatever they wish. Not sure how it will stop but I'm positive it wont end well.

Ra Ghu

We voluntarily get on these platforms and then cry foul! None of the platforms like LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Insta forced us to sign in.

Shivam Malhotra

I'll miss those discussions with him.Loved everything he wrote about the edtech space in general not just Byjus,infact I've commented so many times.Kya pata mera account kab delete karde😂infact facebook is reading this right now & they own a pie of Byjus😛

also,I'm not sure of the abuses he made as Deb Rishi shared but if its true then maybe its not all Linkedin's fault.

Mayank Agarwal

I have been following him on linkedin for quite a while. He used to talk about awareness on topics like how entrepreneurs should stay away from bad investors and what is a good or bad investor. Overall the topics were diverse and different. But after awhile it was all just Byjus centric.

I have seen him not taking negative criticism in the comments and then an army of comments calling out that particular person who disagreed. Has happened with some of my connections and i know a person who has reported his profile out of his own willingness.

And i am assuming this has happened with a lot of people as can be seen in many comments above. People themselves or someone they know have reported his profile. Just spreading negativity and hate in general has gotten people (read: famous people) get banned on all platforms like twitter, quora, youtube or linkedin for that matter. While he was calling out Byjus on their bad policies right, left and center, I think it was no different in general.

Sagar Dwivedi

This what exactly happened to me too.
Even I stop following him in may.

One of the post talk about the family conditions of byjus employee, after which I found that he is totally talking like a small kid cheated once by brother and then he stop going to his house for years.

Vineet Nandan Gupta

I was having a discussion with my friend about having own website vs writing blog on other platforms in the whole scheme of establishing myself as Thought Leader and it was a point of contention that 3rd party platform can close down, change the rulesand at times do things which might not be in an individual’s favour...

I am not surprised by suspension of account and have heard multiple instances of a lot of content creators account being banned and it might get restored later on.

I am closely following this story as it has garnered lot of attention from Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Sagar Dwivedi

I was regular and loyal follower of mr. Malpani. But the negativity in posts on LinkedIn from past few months is increased to the height, making my LinkedIn wall is like crime page of newspapers.
I unfollowed him in may.

I think linkedin is a learning place. I use linkedin to learn from others experience.

Not to get negativity morning and night.

Raising voice is good, but raising voice to the level of making it toxic for the others is not at all good.

If mr. Malpani have so much of problem then why don't he go for a police station or court to do the proceedings.

Anirvan Basu

Unsubstantiated 'musings' which are no more than factless opinions is not a professional way of addressing an issue. If we have to call out the modus operandi of any venture, then the right way to go about it is to provide veritable practices in the company which are unethical or compare the business model with other successful ones in the same space to point out the shortcomings. I found none of these in the posts on the blog. And if the same had been published on LinkedIn, then I beleive that it would amount to nothing more than 'slander', which is why the 'ban'. I'm not sure if there is a question of freedom of speech and expression. If so, then I have my own pieces to say about Pushstart. But would never, unless I am able to frame them aptly. Thats what's called being 'professional'.

Avish Hakani

Very well put. It is unfortunate that people make such posts instead of being articulate and sharing insightful learnings.

There is so much to learn from good people out there who provide profound views about different concepts and areas of the startup world. Thinking beyond bakchodi is an art.

Advait Nandeshwar

Dr Malpani issued right concerns, the video clearly showed the incorrect and abrupt behaviour of the toxicity of BYJUs (who claim to be edutech company but is mere money gain business). I'd say somebody had to do it and Dr Malpani was right to do that.

Shubhra Prakash Nandi

I support Dr.Aniruddha Malpani in speaking his mind. The problem lies not only with Byjus but many new breed edutech startups. Many which claim to provide technical courses like cloud, AI and blockchain make a joke of these technologies on their platform. They have glaring errors and omissions in their course material, the teachers themselves are yet to learn these technologies. I would strongly advice to not buy courses blindly from these edutechs. Learning is tough and without going through the grind you cannot learn something truly. People trying to magically gain knowledge and those providing it are both fooling themselves.

Kedar Anil Gadgil

I stand with Dr.Malpani

Sandeep Balaji

Very interesting. Doc and me are good friends. I don't see him for 2-3 days. Dint message him on whatsapp. But it took him a few days to respond that they blocked him. And I did message personal one of my friends at Sequoia MD about Docs stance....Crazy stuff

Sayan Ganguly

While here we would support Dr. Malpani, however,
1. Even if you feel you are being harassed on LinkedIn, you can always report the post. If you face continuous harassment you can get your complaints escalated.
2. Right now no online community has any such cell for redressal of grievances because nobody thought it was important.
3. While Dr. Malpani was doing everything in the interest of the public, one thing I have learned from my life so far is, "it does no good to call out someone like that. It is like blaming a snake for having fangs".
Hypothetically, what if a VC has an Edtech company in his portfolio and creates a similar controversy? Then the entire controversy could be construed as, "what are the interests of the VC in bringing up something like this"? When Steve Eisman asked Standard and Poors about why MBS bond ratings weren't degraded when delinquencies were skyrocketing? He was called a hypocrite there, with a cross question, "How many Credit Default Swaps do you own"?
Calling out isn't the solution. Educating your own circles is. You never know how someone likes or accepts something. Just a thought, "if you buy this, don't come to me if it doesn't work" works better than "don't buy it".

Kedar Anil Gadgil

What is done is done. As entrepreneurs, what is your solution to this?

There is an argument made in favour of Linkedin being a private business and hence having the right to refuse or restrict their service without stating cause.

I suggest that Dr.Malpani use this to his advantage and buy shares of the publicly traded company in the USA, and then ask them questions about a list of people blocked, and exactly which of their terms of service were breached by each of these people. As a user, he may not be entitled to an answer. As a shareholder, he could go to the SEC to enforce the company to give him a satisfactory reply.

Also, since he was a paying customer, he could take the matter to the court, but LinkedIn could say that their liability is limited to his fees and may offer to refund him, even with interest, thus stymying that route. I suggest the shareholder route is the best because public disclosure of non-trade-secret information that does not either infringe on any IP or demand that the company's protected IP be exposed can easily be ordered by the court.

Avish Hakani

There is a more legitimate point made in favor of Public who reported his profile and posts for spreading toxicity and baseless allegations on the company by just looking at one issue.

Running a personal agenda of spreading hate against another company just for entertaining your audience to get 15 minutes of engagement is immoral and unethical on multiple grounds.

Baseless opinions and unsolicited toxicity should be banned for everyone. And there are more such people who think they are heroes of the Startup Ecosystem and think the world should be run a certain way (I am not going to take names, the ecosystem already recognizes and knows the kind of people)

Also, how many tech companies has he built to have any opinion? Would he have provided those opinions if he had invested in Byju's? If you're going to tell me he wasn't going to enjoy the profits generated from it, then this argument is over.

As long as going to the court is concerned, there's a difference between spewing hate and criticizing something objectively, and there are enough gullible young people who learn from such nonsensicle way of generating engagement and indulge into it. Today is it one company, tomorrow it could become a unhinged fishing expedition for any company. Why don't we see him answering a very simple question? Would he spread so much hate and target companies he has invested in with such freaky attitude?

People work hard, lose their lives, make sacrifices and fucking bleed their hearts to build what they build. Why can't we see people sharing insights out of their own experiences?

Also, he is a doctor who belongs to the healthcare industry, why should anyone listen to his opinions on anything else unless he is qualified? Hum logo ko bas koi paise waala aadmi kya dikh jaaye usko bhagwaan bana ke uski pooja kyu karne lag jaate hai. Phir jab culture shock lagta hai ki usse bhi jyada koi smart aadmi hai toh uska visarjan bhi kar denge. Double standards.

Pratyush Shrivastav

There has been a lot of discussion around whether or not LinkedIn was right in blocking Dr Malpani's profile so I'll not reiterate those.

What caught my interest is the term "Freedom of Speech" being thrown around casually. "Freedom of Speech" is something that exists between you and the state and not between you and some other private individual or corporation.

Take this, for instance, you come over to my house and say things about my friend which I don't like. Doesn't matter if there was merit in what you said or not, I'll simply ask you to leave my house and won't invite you again. Did I violate your freedom of speech?

In this case, the house belongs to LinkedIn and because of the advertising dollars it spends, Byjus is a very dear friend.

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