Bhavik Jain .

Is owning a business the best route for financial success? 🤔

So I was just thinking the other day about how many rich people there are in my family. I don’t come from a very wealthy family, but a few of my relatives make a good living.

I just thought about what made them successful and what the difference was between them and my less successful relatives?

Then I noticed how all the successful people I know in my family all own a business, Coincidence?👀

For example, my uncle has a roofing business and sometimes makes 7k in one day. My other uncle has a painting business and makes 40k per month.

What I also noticed was that those with business only worked less than 40 hours per week and also seem to be the happiest people I know. 😇

So after all this, I thought to myself is having a business always mantra for financial success?

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Deepak Singh

Yes, but entrepreneurship world is not for everyone! Requires discipline, sales skills and living on a budget when requires!

Bhavik Jain

Yes agree! But certainly, the only thing that I have seen to be successful is to open a business for themselves, obviously have t sustain it as well!

Sandip Tulsyan

Happiness is a very subjective parameter but let me talk of money only. It actually depends on kind of skillset you have. An IIM graduate joins job at high position and by the time they retire, they can amass at crores in savings via smart invesments which is way more than small businessman would make. But then if you are a normal graduate with no specific skillset like me, we have to start with low paying, entry level jobs barely making enough to survive with all possibility that we will never reach very high position , in that case even a small business is good, might make the same money, but work is definitely less and more freedom...

Bhavik Jain

Yes your perspective is good here! Btw what business do you have?

Sandip Tulsyan

garment import and trading..


Shubhendu Singh


This answers everything, from what, how and why?

Shubhendu Singh

success is success. There is nothing like financial success or emotional success or religious success or theology success.


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