Anil Avnesh .

Our Internet consumption data - Jio Telecom
Our call data - Jio Telecom
Our groceries needs data - JioMart
Our health data - JioHealthHub
Educational needs data - Jio Embibe
Our streaming data - JioTV+

In short, our lives in the hands of Reliance 😂

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Muzaffar Hussain

That why valuation increasing day by day and everyone interested with high valuation game

Sanjeev Agrawal

Our lives have been in the hands of Google since ever.... So???

Anil Anvesh

jio and Country politics😂

Sanjeev Agrawal

that’s okay now. Its inevitable anyways. Capitalism and Democracy when they meet, this happens.

Puneet Jain 

They aren't forcing anyone to use their services.

Mansoor Shaikh

that's how monopolistic markets work. They don't need to force anyone. But they will have a substantial edge over other competitors and it's usually the price.

Ankit Raj

read about Luxotica. Monopolies try to either buy their opponents cheaply or extort them. Unless that happens, It is a slippery slope to call jio monopolistic. Especially when each of jio's domain has very strong competitors.

Achintya Surya

They are basically trying to be alibaba and wechat mini

Ankit Prakash

In my opinion they will be completely into streaming (wherever video communication is involved, TV, movie, con-call, streaming etc.) and data (4G, 5G and Fiber) game mostly. This give clear uses to their network capacity and videos will use all datacenter.
I'm not confident about their eCommerce offering.
Other services are going to be value added services after sometime; services who consumes less data.
I'm not confident about their Ad platforms too; but this is where they will make a slice.

Supreeth Bharadwaj

 You don't have to use jio products if you don't want to, same way you have a choice to not use Google but you do?

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