Ansha Dixit .

Your startup idea needs validation bro!😒

That the first thing you hear most people say when you talk about your startup IDEA with them.

So, in the best-case scenario, you rush into building an MVP usually a landing page, a FB group, some survey etc to get a hold of your viability metrics!😃

In the worst-case scenario, you just start building some product. (DO NOT DO THIS)😕

I was wondering if there’s a better way to validate new ideas faster?🤯🤯

What if there was a product that helped entrepreneurs validate their ideas?

If yes, what should the product be like? What all aspects should it cover?

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Gautam Koundinya

Great Idea! There should be a reward for someone who is giving feedback ( stackoverflowish)

Ansha Dixit

Apart from feedback what all features do you believe a product like this should have?

kyuki idea pe feedback toh FB grps pe bhi mill jata hai na:P

Gautam Koundinya

Haan lekin feedback dene walon ko kuch mile toh jyada interest dikhate hain aur quality bhi acchi hoti hain. (Freebies /Badges)

2.if the website could say ki hum apki product ko show karenge to 10 people in your target audience and get feedback ( so testing website should have access wide demographics of people)

Shashwat Kaul

Simple invest in user centric design whatever ur idea is does it solve a real problem for a potential user or not if yes is there a competitor who provide the same value as me? How is my product different from the competition? Do proper user as well as market research.

Piyush Soni

Yes thats we can do and everybody does that before starting anything, but dont you think a validation from industry experts would have an advantage over self research??

Shashwat Kaul

yes definately... That is also part of product discovery....more data and validation u have the better but core of the idea should always solve a problem .

Vibhanshu Chhangani

Bhaiya, wo tvf walon ne dikhaaya to tha idea chori wala😅make sure not to market spam products, like you did in past!

Go for your college senior's and your family friends for POC stuff... Thn create a mvp and think for outside... Warna चुरा के दिल मेरा wala song repete mode me chalega😅

Piyush Soni

Yes on personal level, people could do POC from their family members and your seniors. But what about when we want to test on a larger scale? What are your views on that?

Vibhanshu Chhangani

You need learn 2*2 = 4 before thinking to multiple 200*200, that's simple!!

The term ---- Large scale is a bluff brother, Pahle customer ka need lekar socho and apne personal area me socho and experiment kro ye jo chupchap se large scale ki baaten sochate hai naa wo sirf godaddy se 99 ka domain aur hosting tak chizen limit kr dete hain...

Btw, ye jis bhi product ki launching ki baaten ho rhi hai, unhi logon ko yaha ki branding chahiye and wo duniya ko large scale kh rhe hain

Abhinav Sankar

Not at all times, the Target Audience of a product is a college senior or part of family/friends.

Plus- I dont believe in the whole Idea chori concept. Great Product Ideas- will definitely have some niche that no one can copy and what matters more than an Idea is 'Implementation'.

So, if you are scared to talk to your audience about your product/idea cuz of idea chori- gonna be a tough journey ahead!
Just my 2 cents:)

Siddartha Khetan

I still struggle for easy hack to validate or create a TG.

Nd until that happens, how such product can be designed.

But it's a good food for thought. You actually gave a brilliant product idea😂

Piyush Soni

So suppose if you start this idea by any chance, how would you start to implement this?? What would be your specifications for the same?

Siddartha Khetan

obviously for any business model and marketing effort to achieve success, correct TG is very important.

My first focus will be to validate TG.

Everything else will come next

Amrit Singh Bhatia

Start up = growth... you would want to build an idea that scales... this will happen under following cases
1) The market size is huge - Lots of people have the problem
2) Market is increasing - More number of people will have problem in the future
3) Repeatative - The frequency of having the problem is high
4) Urgent - People would really want a solution to the problem asap.

If as a founder I have clarity about above points then I should start building the product

Piyush Soni

Ok got your point here, of we get answers to all the above question, we are ready to launch the product right?.
What if all this data/research is done by a third party. Someone who has experience and knowledge in the given sector or similar sector. Then what are your views on that?? Pretty much would make our work easy right?

Amrit Singh Bhatia

MNCs hire consultants for this... someone bootstrapping a business might not be in a position to afford consultants.

Subhra Banerjee

Before any MVP is built, Just speak to your prospect customers , find out if they are willing to opt for the service/product you intend to develop and pay for it.

Vimal Sharma

Few basic things you can do sitting at home for idea validation. Prepare a 2 dimensional graph 1) MSMG(Market Size ,Market Growth) 2) Supply->Demand(Local,Global) 3) Save Cost,Grow Revenue(Local,Global) and competition. This graph will help you place your idea in a segment and then you can decide to go forward or not for market research and all.... If you need example of these graphs which i prepared , let me know. This i learned from Ankur warikoo's conferences..

Paul Lee

More than 75% of new and small companies around the world shut down every year. This is why our team built an idea checker to guide aspiring entrepreneurs to quickly validate their intuitive/hunch business ideas, as well as understanding the uniqueness(competitive landscape) of their ideas.

It's not super powerful yet, but it's a work in progress. Do feel free to check it out👇www.flipidea.co/idea-validation

Oh yea, it's also💯% free to use😁

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