Rajesh Garg .

Freelance writers should not work below 1Rs per word.🧐🧐

Do you agree with this statement?🤔

I have seen people offering way too less price for the work especially if you are a freelancer.

In my opinion, I don't feel it is justified!😕😕

Let's say you have an experience of 5 years and you are charging higher but then some people are doing it for less as well, which is impacting your business!

What do you do in these cases?🤔

What is the right way to ensure that your pricing is correct?

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Nikhil Jain 

There is no right price.

Piyush Soni

Vanshi Mehta Diptesh Das What areyour views here?

Vanshi Mehta

there’s no right price and you can command a higher price the longer you’ve worked.

Same same like working in a job

Every year you work, you become more valuable and are paid higher.

Diptesh Das

thanks for the tag brother. There's no right price. If an inexperienced writer try to flow with the trend and start joining onerupeeatleast movement, that won't be feasible. Again someone who isn't well versed with astrology sector startsdemanding that much price without proper R&D capability is also ruining the name of other writers🙂.

For bulk work there can be a possibility of low charging again.

So there's no right price as long as you don't know your OWN worth🙂

Rajesh Garg

Thank you brother!!

Itu Rathore

Well, it all depends on what type of article you're writing and for whom (startup or big media publication). If you are writing a news article (300-400 words), no wow factor, no data, no analysis, then why would a company offer you more than Rs 1.5 per word?

Rajesh Garg

Yeah thats correct but some minimum amount should be there right?

Amit Misra

 It all depends on a person's exposure, understanding and expression of the subject matter.

Rajesh Garg

But don't you think there should be a threshold for the min pricing!

Amit Misra

Practically, there is no definition of minimum, just like no definition of max. Creativity and INtelligence must be validated and price tagged by consumers, not by the painter or author itself.

Pardeep Goyal

Freelance writing is not about per word pricing..

It has following variables

Domain expertise * Difficulty of topic * Research time * Writing Time

Rajesh Garg

Ok so as Industry standards are there fixed proces for these?

Pardeep Goyal

there is no industry standard.

Client and Freelancer try to take advantage of each other..

I would charge 10 ppw if I can write a 1000 words in 30 minutes.. for topics that anyone can write without having any domain expertise..

While I may charge Rs 50 per word for a 500 word article in crypto domain where my experience and research would be used.

Anaggh Desai

Price per word is an old outdated concept. Expertise, requirement, command and market bearing ability is relevant

Rajesh Garg

But most of the sites do use this concept!

Amit Baliga 

May be because ppw is quantifiable!

Varun Surana

Every product / service has its own market and pricing structure.

A same writer can charge 3-30 and 10- 100 INR PW

Preeti Singh Chauhan

Work for clients who are ready to pay your rates. Maintain your standards. There will always be cheaper workers and employers. Set your class. Clients who want quality will pay. The others are not your kind of people.

Pranav Agarwal

I think like for any service it’s a free market that determines “value“ and hence by derivative it’s “price”
If someone can survive and grow on less than a rupee a word they will write much more to each same amount as someone selling for 2-5₹ per word.
So ultimately the money I pay per word is just a barometer of how much time and output the writer applies to my content.
Exceptions are the “Kohli’s “ who will speed write beautiful content and yet get 3-5₹ per word or may higher. Those are outliers so market rules won’t apply

L Uv Mishra

Some companies are making free internship offer on internsala. And in the name of internship they don't pay a single rupee to their writing intern. I also been in same dilema. I am happy to learn about what mistakes should I not make while writing a post but now I think I should had been paid for my work.😄

Garv Malik

I don't think they should charge per word. That just encourages them to write bullshit. Charge for delivering the best possible piece.

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