Sairaj Mahesh Nukala .

1984: 12 years old boy programmed a space based shooting game called 'Blaster" which was inspired by Alien invaders.

He pitched his game for PC and office technology where he made his first profit of $500.

That's where real world fascination for space invasion begined for the small boy.

1999: the same boy sold his company X.com which later rebranded as paypal, which changed the banking sector forever.

He earned $180 millions from that deal.

2002: the boy founded 3 companies

$ 100 millions for Space X
$ 70 millions for Tesla,
$ 10 millions for Solar city.

He launched 3 rockets to space which are instant failures.

He's broke
He's bankrupt

But he didn't leave his spirit

2012 : Space X made history by becoming the first private company to launch Falcon9 rocket into space.

His rocket🚀 efficiency and reusability is applauded around the world.

2020 : Today spacex has blasted 2 astronauts into space, a first step on a journey to make humans multi planetary species.

This small child dream of creating a virtual world of space exploration in 1984 has become a reality in 2020.

The boy is none other than Billionaire Entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Some where between his dream and reality, we humans grew up.

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Dheeraj Ramani

Also Some where between our dreams and our reality we are growing up. And we have to turn our dreams to reality🙂✌️

U Amal Dev

US government bailed him out at verge of bankruptcy... They really saved a great entrepreneur

Rohit Nair

Wait, Paypal boughtX.comit wasn’t rebranded I guess. Paypal was founded by Peter Thiel andX.comwas founded by Elon musk andX.comwas merged with Paypal.

This is as far as my knowledge

Rohit Nair

Correction: Paypal merged withX.comand the name remainedX.comand Elon musk went on to become the CEO ofX.comafter Peter and which was then renamed to Paypal.

Rohit Nair

Correction again😂: Peter replaced Elon as CEO ofX.com

Sumit Ghosh

VCs merged X and PayPal as they were both bleeding cash to acquire customers and basically solving the same problem. Elon was made the CEO but peter thiel didn’t like the way he was running the company so he convinced the board to throw him out. He was fired while he was in his honeymoon. He got 180m from this firing and rest we know is history.

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