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Three stories to begin with:

1. Nokia refused Android
2. Yahoo refused Google
3. Kodak refused digital cameras


1. Take risks
2. Embrace change
3. If you refuse to change with time, you will be obsoleted

Two more stories:

1. Facebook takes over WhatsApp and Instagram
2. Grab takes over Uber in South East Asia


1. Become so powerful that your competitors become your allies
2. Reach the top position and then eliminate the competition
3. Keep innovating

Two more stories:

1. Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65
2. Jack Ma, who couldn't get a job at KFC, founded Alibaba, and retired at 55


1. Age is just a number
2. Only those who keep trying will succeed

Last but not the least:

Lamborghini was founded as a result of the revenge of a tractor owner who was insulted by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari


Never underestimate anyone, ever!

- Just keep working hard

- Invest your time wisely

- Don't be afraid to fail.

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Abhishek Gupta

Nokia refused Google and burned their market... They could have king but choosing microsoft took their 2-3 important years.
And, see now they have to agree with google.
Kodak refused digital cameras, that was their hardest time of survival and they did prepared digital cameras later at cost of their fortune.
And we all know where is Yahoo!

All three lost their markets and still struggling to get their customers back.

Sahil Popli

परिवर्तन से डरोगे तो तरक्की कैसे करोगे।।


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