Pankaj Vijayvargiya .

Kids and Startups?

Is there any ideal age for kids to start understanding about, or working in startup?

My 7 years old nephew, whenever he's around me, he is very much curious and interested in whatever I do on my desktop and asks questions like "What is wordpress? What do yo open so many tabs? Why are you reading reddit? What is Paypal? If you have Paypal why are checking rates of Bitcoin? What are you doing on that zoom software..." Which I can't answer all without involving him actively.

His parents come under the concerned category and are not much in favor of stealing childhood from a kid so they keep him away from all kind of gadgets, including laptop and mobile (eye strain) and prefer him to get engaged in childhood activities. They're worried that the "Prodigy" aura can be toxic for a child for long term if handled incorrectly at a tender age, and I somewhat tend to agree with them.

Is there any silver lining here? I'd love to know fellow Pushstarter's views on that. How fair or right it would be to include a child of his age in startup culture and technical process?

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Santosh Joshi 

I started learning all this when i was in 8th class..

Sandeep YN

It’s always glamorous from the outside and one would not know the dirty work needed to be done to become that, easy for kids to get carried away with that

Pankaj Vijayvargiya 

So, what is your advice in this case?

Sandeep YN

make him try some small part of the work ? If he gets or finds the process interesting, well and good otherwise he is just getting attracted by the glam

Yogesh Sabharwal

" put ke paanv paalne mai dikhte hai "
Mera bhatija same hai vo stock updates karta hai diary par likhta hai automobiles parts list karta hai usko bi bakio jese school ni jana business krna hai mera bhai 9th class mai ye sab karne lga tha aaj kyi companies ke sath deal kar rha hai

Pankaj Vijayvargiya

Yes, but the question is: Is that right for the kid? Are we snatching their childhood from them by getting them to do the adult things?

Yogesh Sabharwal

no bro it is right mera bhai 9th se betha tha hmko b lgta tha vo school or life barbaad kar rha hai par aaj vo best life ji rha hai khud k liye or jo us time esa ni krte the aaj struggle kr rahe hai na job milti hai na family business mai ja paate h

Yogesh Sabharwal

and childhood things hai bi kya ?? Konse bache playground mai jaake khelte hai ajkal faltu apps or games se acha kuch try to krega

Milind Gupta

why does childhood revolves around playing and doing homework? Why can't it be something that a child loves and would help him in future?

Carrying these big bags to school and making them study they don't like is like stealing their childhood as well.

Pankaj Vijayvargiya

That part is sorted as they're already taking care of not snatching his childhood via the traditional education system.:)

Gaurav Hasija

For Children (read as any age) - Addiction to entreprneurship is anyday better than porn, gadgets or an ill-company.

So, just go for it.🏆
This will be start of #AatmnirbharBharat
P.S: I was conceptualising a business model around similar stuff.



Keyur Savaliya

When I was 7 years old, after school i was mostly go to my father's kirana store in our village.from that time I started learning business.

Daily 1-2 hrs for all this is good thing to learn.

Piyush Soni

Did your father's business learnings helped you what you are doing right now??

Keyur Savaliya

yes, i learned negotiation skill,talking with customers, establish relations with customer for getting more sales, talk in details about payment due date, credit days and much more.

Rony Samuel

It's good to keep them aware about it but not necessarily make them chase it unless sir comes naturally to them... Everything has it's own time:)there are a lot of things kids need to learn even before thinking about a business...like ethics, morals, values, etc and most of all childhood will not come back..so let them cherish it...

Satyam Baranwal

Search Tanmay Bakshi, Geetanjali Rao (Young Scientist) on internet. You will understand what kids if exposed at the right age can do. Also, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg all started coding from a very early age of around 6-7 yrs. It is the interest of the kid that is important. If he is inclined towards something who are we to stop them.

Shivam Malhotra

I think we're going at a crazy speed. Let the kid enjoy his childhood.

I didnt really have a 'childish' childhood and had access to internet,personal mobile,etc all at an early age.

I grew up early than most of my friends.I dont find pleasures in many things today which an average 24 year old would because I've experienced most of the things already.

If a guy like me knew business at that age,I might have even dropped out of school (which looks good to hear but it has its own value).I started something in college and at the time of graduation, I said no to move abroad,decline a job and a B school admission offer without even giving it a lot of thought - I was all in.Not regretting anything but I do feel that I did miss out on some experiences which were definitely worth having.

have a similar incident to share - last week my 12 year old cousin texted me to ask 'bhaiya youtube channel ke liye name suggest karo?' she and her friend are going to make a vlog covering online challenges & daily life.I suggested her a name but I gave her parents the same advice but most parents today are like 'ajkal ye hi sab chalta hai' and that was the response I got lol.

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