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[Method 6/Part 2] M to V - Branding from Canva Design School (Quick Insight)

Colour, colour, which colour? Why?

Mr. Bhavik Jain asked me to elucidate the difference between warn colour and cool colour.(will take this in the later post) Also, many posited the opinion that the usage of colour is more to do with the "context" than the umbrella definitions.

However, when we see the science of colour. Yes, we can have a general thumb rule. This can help us end the mental kerfuffle over design and eradicate the few select elements of subjectivity. The CCC rules are:

  1. Choose colour based on context and the few ground rules.

Bright block colours stand out against the white page and grab attention. So have fun with simple colours combos that are the right fit for your brand. (1)

2) Contrast is the second step. As both implicit and explicit cue. (average web users’ attention span is about 6-8 seconds)

Contrast helps your designs pop out of the feed. Try contrasting lights against darks – and create impact with SCALE.(2)

3) Have clarity. Unclutter your design with a clear message to help your audience understand the message clearly.

The point of paramount importance is to let the visual do the talking. (less word, less clutter, more focus).

PS - I am going to address the question for the "contextual design" with operational ideas soon. Thanks all, for your thoughtful questions.


  1. Canva Design School
  2. Canva Design School
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