Hardik Lashkari .

500 likes on a life experience post vs 80 likes on a core marketing related post.

What would you prefer?

I'll always go with the latter one.


Likes don't pay rent, leads do 😎😎

Even if I am getting fewer likes on a core marketing or writing related post, I'm happy ☺️🀩

Those posts generate leads for me.

Remember, likes don't pay your rent.

#pushcontribution #pushknowledge

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Vishnu VardhaanI

Mix up both. When you are establishing yourself as an expert, people like to connect to you. As a person. That's when the most valuable connections occur.

Beyond your 'obvious' knowledge of the industry that you showcase through your case studies.

Not everything in life is just about earning money immediately, earning relationships help you earn money long term.πŸ€—

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