Neeraj Joshi .

LinkedIn vs Pushstart

1. Pushstart is about WE than ME ❤️❤️
2. We are a big family than a social network
3. We comment to HELP than for REACH 😂😂
4. Pushstart is much more curated and trusted community as we MODERATE Content and CURATE Members 😎😎
5. PushTeam is much more approachable than LinkedIn Team 🤝🤝
6. We have a PUSH attached with everything we do 😋😋

And we are a desi brand 🍻🍻

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Tushar Nandwani

Pushstart is a great platform to be a member of, It personally helped me and my company to build network as nowadays your "Network is your Networth" Thanks for an amazing platform Pushstart, Congratulations and best wishes for your future!

Neeraj Joshi

good to know this brother❤️❤️

Also thanks for sharing so many valuable articles in PS, your contribution is deeply acknowledged🤝🤝

Pawan Upadhyay

I appreciate your vision Neeraj Joshi.. replacing linkedin is the boldest dream you can dream of in current times.. you have done the most difficult part .. the vision thing.. all the best for the journey to achieve it

Neeraj Joshi

we actually don’t plan to replace LinkedIn, we don’t believe in replacing things, we all need to build an ecosystem where everyone can coexist❤️❤️

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