Avinash MN .

What do you all think of an idea where we create a shared toys Community something like this

Create a subscription based group - 10 family’s join together and pool in amount (Kids age based group)

We source toys which would be expensive for individual to buy but as a group it’s hardly anything (you don’t own it rather you only subscribe it)

Members contribute yearly and we refresh the toys, replace the worn out

Don’t worry about profits and expenses yet, wanted to check if this is even possible

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Trisha Agrawal

As a parent with all the COVID scenario, I'd rather own fewer toys but not share because it's kids we're talking about. Having said that, in our society, kids have, amongst themselves, formed a toys/game exchange system and I'm ok because I know whom it is coming from and trust the source to maintain reasonably good hygiene.

Avinash MN

Pandemic is temporary situation, at present I agree with your concern. If given a large number of toys to choose from with varying skill sets do you want your kids to opt out. Just for instance American company introduced STEM toy RoboMaster S1 it cost $550 is a game-changing educational robot built to unlock the potential in every learner. S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more. By not having a shared system we might not even think of getting a toy like this. We can address your concern about hygiene by ensuring sanitization of the toys as a org we can take up trust building steps.

Trisha Agrawal

This is similar to how toy libraries operate.

I think with the kind of toys that you described, you're looking at a premium offering?

In any case, sanitization will still be a major concern from the parent's viewpoint.

Neha Agarwal

I don't remember the name now... but exactly same concept is there in Vienna n its working great here .. its like one company owns everything and parents subscribe montly for toys and later return

Khushbu Davda

Neha Agarwal there are lot of toy libraries in India, atleast in Mumbai. Local places where you can subscribe to toys. My nephew has been doing it for 7 years.

Can't trust kids with good hygiene


Unnati library does this. With toys and books.

Akhil Kumar

I have seen a similar kind of idea in shark tank, will try to share the company details

Shitij Malhotra

I think a easier option would be a olx for toys only.

The same economic section may not buy, but there are always deal hunters looking to get something top

Avinash MN

Idea is not to buy rather option to use large number of toys. Why own it when you can use it and return

Amit Baliga

Aren't kids super-attached to toys and may not leave them for others?

Avinash MN

They are quick adopters, unlike adults . They adjusted to online classes sooner than adults wfh

Shivam Malhotra

have you seen any community/sharing economy startups in India which have actually been adopted by a large number of users?

I personally believe we arent meant for the shared economy.I dont like carpooling,forget sharing toys with other families and giving it to my kids.I'm 25 and obviously have no kids but I for sure won't be a customer and I know a lot of people in India won't embrace it either and its not just a money thing! There's something structurally wrong with the idea which made me say no the moment I read it.

Avinash MN

True and unfortunate, I have been living in USA for 6 years and I see it works so well here people share and don’t hesitate to reuse. There is so much to save and so much you can get from sharing and reusing. Goodwill store in USA is one example where they accept used toys, clean it and resell all proceedings go to charity

Anirban Banerjee

I think it won't work here.

Firstly, as everyone mentioned earlier the hygiene issues.

Secondly, we are not used with shared economy/community concept. People here rather opt for loans to buy consumer goods than renting.

Thirdly, as a father of a two year old I can see my son hardly keep a new toy intact for few hours or a day max, after that all the engineering works gets started. Same story accross our neighborhood.

Also as Amit Baliga mentioned kids are super attached with their stuffs. They hardly spare any of their stuffs being used by others. For an example yesterday I got a shoe for my son, incidentally my neighbour came in the evening with his son and was just trying to check that the shoes fits his son so he may order one. My son got bonkers seeing his best friend wearing his shoes ,so we had to take it out to console him. And soon as we took out, the other one started tandav.

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