Hardik Lashkari .

Have you ever wondered why AXE deodorants always show a guy attracting girls like a magnet to him?

Or maybe why Akshay Kumar always jumps and do insane stunts to get a Thums Up Bottle in its ad?

Because these companies don't sell you the products, they sell a feeling, a lifestyle.

Whenever people see a new advertisement or a new poster, they don't connect with the product, they connect with a feeling, an emotion.

This is the core of any marketing strategy that works well - if you market the product, people won't resonate because they can't connect themselves to it.

When you market your feelings and touch the emotions, people will resonate, and even buy them.

This is what Cadbury does - every Rakshabandhan or Diwali, they come up with an ad that shows the culture or values behind the festival.

What is the result?

The videos get viral, and people get emotional. They see dairy milk and instantly realize the message that was attached to it in the ad.

So, next time, when you create a marketing strategy or even write content or create a poster, sell a feeling, not the product.

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Suraj Singh

The first 2 examples that you mentioned doesn't go with your 'sell feelings' concept. In both the case, they are selling style and machoism. Cadbury, HDFC life insurance ads are the ones where they sell feelings.

Amit Ghosh

Have you ever wondered why the companies which you mentioned are Cadbury, HDFC, Nike, Apple, Thums Up, AXE, Amul? Just because they pay the best for best output along with which they acquire the best minds and retain them. Giving examples is easy, even studying and making case study is easy but when the time comes to make such ads, then the common phrases are " We are a startup". "We are bootstrapped". "We don't have funds". "We need bulk and long term work so we need the best copywriters at the cheapest price". "X is charging Y". Feelings, Emotions, and creativity are directly proportional to the payment and independence you give to your creative team either fulltime or contract.

Venkatrangan Gokul

Amit Ghosh agree!

Prasad Lingawar

The whole concept is called 'market sophistication', you could find more about that here - http://www.mindvalleyinsights.com/market-sophistication/

Not many people know about this concept so worth to take a look.

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