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Flipkart Mafia (inspired from PayPal Mafia), a term used for ex employees of Flipkart who went on to start their own successful tech ventures.

With over 200+ ex Flipkart employees started their own companies, here is the list of the most famous Flipkart Mafia ventures:

1) Udaan : Founded in 2016, it became India's fastest unicorn. Founded by three ex Flipkart employees, Udaan created a B2B ecommerce market place bringing manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and retailers on a single platform.

Currently valued at 7.5 billion $

2) Phone Pe: Started in 2015, Phone Pe is a digital wallet with over 218 users. It is a common payment method accepted at more than 5 million retail touch points & almost all online channels.

It was acquired by Flipkart in its first year.

Valuation: Around 10 billion $

3) Navi Technologies: Sachin Bansal, the co founder of Flipkart exited after Walmart takeover. Navi was one of his venture after Flipkart.

It is a digital lending app which offers small ticket loans without any paper work needed.

It's worth around 500 million USD.

4) Suki: Puneet Soni, ex chief product officer at Flipkart, started Suki in 2016.

Virtual assistant app for doctors. Basically, Alexa for doctors. Suki is primarily targeted at US markets and is compatible with a lot of health record softwares.

Valuation : close to 100 MM $

5) CureFit: Started by Mukesh Bansal, founder of Myntra & ex Flipkart started CureFit with Ankit Nagori.

Cure Fit is an online+offline platform offering health, wellness, food and merchandising under multiple brands via its app & physical centres.

Valuation: Around 750 MM $

6) Exotel: Started by Shivakumar, ex Flipkart VP, Exotel is known as the Lego of communication.

It's a cloud telephony platform that powers communication (software for call center employees & related services) for SMEs & startups.

Valuation: Unknown
Revenue: 120 crores INR

7) Runnr : Co-founded by Arpit Dave, ex Flipkart, Runnr was a last mile delivery platform for SMEs in India. Helped small businesses book, track & manage customer deliveries at scale.

Later started focusing on restaurants & was acquired by Zomato for undisclosed amount.

8) xto10x technologies: started by Binny Bansal last year after resigning from Flipkart. The company is aimed at helping startups to scale & become large companies ( x to 10x).

The venture is in a early stage but would be interesting to see if it can be India's Y combinator.

9/9) Groww: Another Flipkart mafia venture, Groww is an online Mutual fund investment platform with over 6 million users. It has got into stock trading and would compete with Zerodha.

Was launched in 2016 and has raised around 40 million $ till date.

Apart from starting their own ventures, some of these Flipkart mafia have also made investments in companies like Ola, GreyOrange, Ather Energy, Inshorts, Unacademy, SigTuple & Crio.

With so much of entrepreneurial activity, Flipkart must be having an interesting culture.


There were more : Playment, Grab on rent, Slicepay and many more.

But skipped them. 👍

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