Bhavik Jain .

Which one is a better choice?

Multiple small apps OR A single multifunctional App!!

Would you prefer building a small app every week (OYO, FOODPANDA, UBER)which reaches $50-$250 MRR each or would you prefer spending months building a bigger single multifunctional app (TAPZO)?

Which one would you choose as a developer? What would be a better choice in your opinion?

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Krishna Arora

Multiple small apps.
Reason : who would you choose to learn design ?
A digital marketer who knows design , branding , paid ads or a proffessional graphics designer.
Slightly off topic example but i feel it gets the message across.
Speciality is what makes something great.

Bhavik Jain 

Building an app like Tapzo isn't about speciality?

Krishna Arora

nope jack of all doesnt work here

Bhavik Jain

Oh i thought jack of all trade works everywhere

Krishna Arora

Read a book called 22 immutable laws of branding by laura ries.
It mentions this as a point with why businesses fail because of expansion of products instead of niching down

Shivam Malhotra

 its always about a niche,have made money in my life being a niche guy only.Jack of all trades are many,master of one are few and they will always have the upper hand.

Ajinkya Totla

 Single multifunctional app.. I have a firm belief that 'super app' will be a big sector post covid. Multi lingual, modern business models, O2O, retail 2.0, deep tech, tech that gives trust and transparency etc will be the ingredients for the super app.

Bhavik Jain

What you have to say on this?

Krishna Arora 

I still think focusing on doing one thing will make you great not multiple.

Rohit Pokarna

Grofers is available in phonepe too, but I still prefer to use the app.

If I am a regular user, I use the app

Or else I use common app

Bhavik Jain 

Any reason you prefer to use Groffers separately even after having the option of Groffers in PhonePe?

Bhavik Jain

Krishna Arora If you compare her reasons your views stay the same? From a consumer viewpoint, a consumer will be happy to keep one app which solves all problem instead of multiple app for multiple need

Krishna Arora

hat is very correct however having multiple products dilutes your branding.
Eg :
If spotify launches video form of content it will lose its identity.

If someone starts from scratch then also you are diluting your branding historically this has proven to not work and i personally dont prefer multiple apps as well.

My personal reason on a conscious level is not clear however subconsciously i m wired to prefer specific things.

I dont order from oven story using gpay even though its integrated.

In this particular case lack of visuals directed at me is the reason however it applies everywhere for sure.

Ajinkya Totla

Multi service app provides customer stickiness at a level it becomes like an OS to its end user and eventually brading becomes bleak.
Few examples wechat, alipay, grab, gojek, rappi (latin america)

Indian market is on verge to take off many players are in the race
Amazon (tapzo)
Flipkart (PhonePe)
MX player etc

What tapzo, PhonePe and Justdail are doing is directing the traffic to use multiple services. Which I think is like scratching the surface. Alot can be done with ingredients and startup mentioned above.

Vinay Garg

Both has its pros and cons,you have to decide what you need to choose and why.I mean choice is yours after all you know the whole scenario. but certainly big apps are not useful as people who use them get scared ,app in itself means a small piece of code which fulfills a specific purpose. Think why we need a play store.

Shivam Malhotra

why a multifunctional app doesnt work for me? (as a user)

-we saw what paytm & zomato did.worst user experience,its always so tough to find what you came looking for.
-every user has a different requirement and if you're giving the option of a multifunctional app then it should be customized to requirements of every user (which is impossible)
-heading towards a monopoly : we're limiting innovation because most startups wont be able to sell small apps and the multifunctional app guys will create a monopoly/cartel like situation.looks great for the person owning that business but for the overall economy its bad

Anuj Kushwanshi is something you should look at once, this was when one app for all apps were everywhere. i think we are through that phase already

Dibya Narayan Saha

Sach bolu to, Indias IOT business is not at all clean.,kind of lawless. Loads of smart hackers, who just pays to cops and moves on. Service companies does not bother much with their quality other than order booking. Customer care is dilusional. So pplflock to brands and the money goes out ot country. (out of topic) jus saying. Minister ta beta ka phone chori hoga to 1 day delivery return with the thief killed.
But India has one thing, perseverance. So India will rise. With us.

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