Punit Gandhi .

So I was just discussing with a couple of friends and we realised that work from home is all fun but everyone misses coffee breaks that we had in the office. So we started scheduling 15 min breaks during the day, where someone would post the time they will take a break 15 min in advance. So others can join in and we all could chat.
This led me to the idea of we can build an App (CoffeeNetwork), where just with a press of a button you can connect with a complete stranger to network over a call. This will be a 12-15 min call, which will end on its own. You have an option to cut it in between if you don't enjoy it (safety aspects). If you feel it was a fun call, you can share numbers and talk again.

Now, I don't know how to make apps and would be glad if someone would be interested in taking this forward, with or without me. But if you want, happy to ideate and help you in the process wherever possible.

Also, open to ideation with the group and let me know if any such app already exists, you can post it in the comments.

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Aditya Krishna

How’s this any different that Omegle?

Punit Gandhi

haha, yeah I thought of that. Mostly rebranding it for a different user base and only usage is audio call. Signup via mobile number can help in creating something better than Omegle.

Hartej Sethi

i have a networking app LINQQ which help connects professionals nearby based on interest etc , i just paused it a month back so as to pivot it as
1. Revenue generation is a big problem
2. Didn’t have a team (i m open to adding co founders)

Lets connect and discuss.

Kapil Agarwal

 Interesting! How abt doing this on linkedin!
Just make a group on linkedin with the agenda and people who joins the group can connect and follow the process. Linkedin msg is a good tool. Save money on jist an another app and phone space!


Punit Gandhi

It can be explored that way as well, but I am concerned about the safety perspective. Also, the idea is to not have text-based networking, and more call based so that it is more productive for that 15 min call.

Kapil Agarwal

for safety purpose, it is recommended to introduce on a msg specially for female professionals and when you find it comfortable, just share your whats app number and switch the platform.

Shivam Malhotra

something close to GrabChai.Please check it.

Punit Gandhi

Yes, that's a similar concept.
The idea is to onboard as many people as possible so that at any given time you can talk to someone. It can help create a network or just friends. (I just hope people don't start seeing it as a dating app)

Shabana Khanam

How do u monetize ???

Punit Gandhi

You can plugin paid version to set filters on type of people you would like to network with as well as keep the info of people you have previously interacted. Further company level engagement can also be done for such kind of coffee breaks where the integration of some activities can be planned.

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