Aayush Poddar .

Hey guys!
Other questions related to E-commerce (but obviously not the last ones :P)

1) Currently, we are using Nimbuspost. Is it really one of the good ones or Shiprocket is better?
In my little experience of using them, I think their support queries take a lot of time.

2) When you ship using DTDC Air via Nimbuspost or Shiprocket, is there any difference in Delivery time? Does the quality of service by DTDC (Or Bluedart) depend on the platform we are using or not?


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Sanjib Saha

1. NP Support is better. You need to know who to contact in which case. For me, pickup, I have direct access to who to contact, their whatsapp number, they are available on phone too. Likewise, for technical issues, I do have direct access to NP's technical person's contact number. With Shiprocket, you need to route your issues via your account manager, and resolution takes weeks, sometimes months. Multiple followups. Not cool.

However, delivery with SR may be better, as they send emails too, which NP does not.

2. DTDC Air is taking a little more time irrespective of whether you are using NB or SR.

No, Delivery would not depend on the basis on the platform used. But because SR (Shiprocket) has email facilities too, which NP does not, my delivery rate with SR was better.

Another advantage Shiprocket has is they have ECOM. So the ones that we are not able to ship with NP, we use SR.

SR website lags, sometimes hang. Mostly during the peak time (around 11 AM). So far, I have not experienced anything such with NP.

A few instances: SR vs NP:

Instance#1: I have been a customer of SR for a very long time. And I used to do okayish volume with Bluedart. I had requested SR a lot of times to change the pickup time, but things hardly changed. They do not take customer's requirements seriously.

On the very second day after shifting to NP, I called the NP team and said to shift the pickup timing. They instantly called BD and from the next day, the timing was changed.

Instance#2. DTDC did not come for pickup. I called NP and within a couple of hours I got a call from the DTDC Main office assuring me that pickup would happen on time, and from the next day if I face any issue, I can call him directly, and he will take care. With SR, this kind of support is unimaginable.

All the issues that SR solved for me had to be routed via Anshul, one of the heads in SR. Account managers took almost a month to solve any issue.

Hope this helps.

Have used SR since 2017. Shifted to NP around 1.5 months back.

Anand Soni

Does NP provides hyperlocal delivery like SR?

Sanjib Saha

Not yet.

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